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Ludia don't answer emails

Hi guys i lost my account over a week i was playing on a saturday i log out by accident and when i try to log in with google account the game start from 0 i contact google and they told me that i got to comunicate with ludia they cannot do anything i been trying to get in contact with ludia for the past 2 weeks i call got no success the message said to get in contact by email i try , and nothing still waiting and i try inside the game the chat help and support and no success im a vip member and i invest a lot of time and money in this game can one of you tell me if i can take legal action in this case for paying for a service and dont get any suppor


I’ve noticed the same before support would respond in a few hours…

Now weeks with no response

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This is the same email ither support guy put in the other thread. And why flag my post about contacting Thabet? He needs to know the state the game is currently in. Not only that but the fact the there is no support on weekends to deal with any issues going on. Like last weekend’s tournament and this weekend’s rare strike tower.


There no support at all and the worst part is that im paying for vip service and they dont answer

Why don’t you cancel the vip service after all with the state the game is in at the moment is it really worth it?

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Thats why I am reluctant to contact Ludia support. I did contacted once before but never got my issue solved.

I got in touch many times with support from many other online mobile games (like Kabam - Transformers FTF, IGG - Castle Clash - they even have live chat) and experience with Ludia support is worst possible ever.

Yes NiceGuy you r right is been the worst support ever i already try everything to contact them …i dont want to cancel the vip membership that and my phone call my emails and this forum is going to be proof if i take legal action against ludia