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Ludia DON'T make this game only for cheaters


This monthly shaking meta up and down that you call “balancing” (which is not) makes this game playable and enjoyable only for cheaters.

How can you imagine a legit player that could stay at top? We collect every piece of featured dino, we hunt for every piece of rares to create and evolve a strong dino but you just ruin it down. And next month another one. And next month another.

It took more then 5 months for me to create and evolve my utarinex to 26lvl and you’re going to make it a useless pidgey just for a night. There will be new good dinos, but now I’m absolutely sure that in a month they also become a garbage.

This makes this game playable and enjoyable only for cheaters. They can afford making any level any dino just for few days, play them, get bored in a month and exactly for them you will change meta again so they would be happy with new set of dinos.

That’s how it looks, Ludia. It’s not a game for a legit player this way. So if you continue this way, I will quit. And many other legit players too, cause there will be no point to collect or evolve any dino that will become a garbage pidgey in a month.


I must have missed the screenshot with rinex’s moveset and stats in 1.6. Can you share?


Their intentions to nerf it are very clear.
We’ve seen the same with bleeding update. They changed descriptions few weeks before the update and they were absolutely true.


As I mentioned in another thread…

All the discussion are based on DISTRACT RAMPAGE NERFED issue.

Yes, we don’t get more info about whole ver.1.6 patch.
But due to all the thing they do until now…
(Bugs not fixed for several months, no warning nerf in every update cause huge resource waste…)

I think we got enough reason to make threads and let they know stop ruin everything

Yes, if Utarinex get other buff in the same time, might still be awesome in different way.
But we can’t know that at this moment.


I’d say their intentions are to promote their SIA mechanic, which is likely what rinex will be getting. So…probably a buff.


We can’t know if it will or it won’t. We should really all just wait until we have all the info. Many people, however, are stating rinex is getting nerfed.


That’s not only about rinex. That’s about how they treat any strong dino.

I’ve invested every single monolophosaurus DNA into monomimus, but it became useless, but other path of monolophosaurus became much stronger. Not any other legendary made of another epic, but this one. So I have just wasted every monolophosaurus which I see extremely rarely.

And that happens with every update. A dino you’ve invested time and money (real money) is becoming a garbage. They buff another dino to make it garbage again in a couple of updates.

That’s not a balancing anymore. That’s a hysterical shifting up and down everything. And you never know which dino collect and evolve. That’s why I haven’t evolved Draco2, cause they buffed it just to nerf.


I try to stick to thinking twice before leveling any non-unique past a certain point. It is obvious meta shakeups are inevitable in this kind of games.


Or knowing that changes are part of the game, rather than putting all your eggs in one basket you could spread your resources across all paths and have a balanced team + bench that enables you to field a strong team however the game evolves … :exploding_head:

We’re not even a year in yet … this time next year Monomimus could be a god again (and many still have it in their team post nerf). Stop thinking short term.


Maybe it’s getting swap in distraction, so giving it distracting rampage as able to go first, it would take 0 damage first move.


The main point of this topic is that shifting everything up and down every 2 months makes this game unplayable for legit players.

I guess that next update will be about in a month or less, I stop evolving my dinos cause they might be useless in few weeks. What’s the point of the game where the best option you have is not doing anything, waiting till devs rebalance it all upside down again?!

This is friend playable only for cheaters, when you have tons of coins and DNA and can do whatever is strong now


It’s a business that sells a non-consumable product. Once a customer has the best of the best what’s the incentive for a customer to continue spending money on their products? They need for customers to replace what they already have with the new best of the best.


So let it be new best of the best, but not because old best were nerfed down

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I agree with this. And I also believe ludia did this in the last update. They buffed the Dino’s that needed it. And created new Dino’s to defeat the buffed Dino’s. This trend I like and believe it will continue. It is a good way to change the meta without taking from ppl that work hard. Move changes will happen. They have to. But we don’t know how things will play out until the next update.


What I want to know is how much money (real) players in the top 50 have spent and all those who have many level 30s. Even a cheater couldn’t do that just surfing the world on his hidden spoof. He still needs to spend hours searching because load time/you can only see 300Mish all around you. I mean if you travel the whole country every day thats obv your a cheat. Even someone who travels legitely has a specific route or time they are out and about so even the cheats have to spend momey on the game. Either way they arent affected the same as us lesser active players who invest in a certain direction and then have to constantly change direction due to the meta change.


Like PoGo, JWA resource/discord groups post coordinates of creatures and events.
For you to say cheaters can not build their team without spending huge amounts of time is erroneous. It’s called “sniping” and it’s a real problem.


So I and @Hersh and @Raven and @TeaRekz and @Dilopho4us and @Heather and … insert name here … are not legit players?

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Well, to be honest, that is exactly why I have 7+ legendaries at the bench being level 18-20. If a meta shift happens, no problem, I just switch up my strike team.

As someone said already, if you run a “put all your eggs in one basket” strategy, don’t be so surprised it backfires in the long run. Spread your resources.

And before you accuse me for spoofing or being a whale, I have been VIP for only 4 months bought 3 rare incubator one time offers and 1 epic. That is it. And 3 times 500 buck deals.

Been playing since May, 4500 trophy range. And I am below actually being competitive.

So… There you have it.

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:clap: :clap: this game gas nearly started …

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lol … has bearly

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