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Stop giving me the ‘open Daily Battle Incubator’ mission. I dont WANT to battle in arena. It’s painful. It’s not fun, and frankly its all your fault since you either do not understand or do not care about balance. Stop making me sit through 5+ battles against over-boosted opponents spamming every broken mechanic in the game that I have no hope of beating. Let me enjoy the collecting part of the game since that’s one of the few aspects of it you havent gutted yet.


If you don’t want to battle in the arena, then what do you need Blue for?


The aforementioned collecting? I’ve learnt that passing over dna just cos it either doesnt have a hybrid or I already have the hybrids doesnt mean ludia wont push out another at some point, leaving me kicking myself for not stocking up when I had the chance. And even if I stopped doing those missions for the duration of Blue, I’d eventually have to do missions again when they change the dna reward to something worth getting, and then I’d have to sit through torturous arena matches again if they keeping giving me this stupid ‘daily battle incubator’ mission

You can still get about 25 times Blue because the DBI mission is not there most of the days.
But really, don’t remove a mission just because people refuse to play every aspect of the game.
Some people complain about not wanting to go outside to dart, others can’t open 6 incubators, some find 2000 rare too much. Many easy missions were already nerfed because people complained (6 FIP for example). Enough is enough.
It all takes effort. If you do the effort, you get the reward. If you don’t, then don’t complain about not getting them.


If you cant open 6 incubators when you get 3 free across 12 hours, on top of strike events, then you just arent trying. It’s not about effort; it’s about the fact that Ludia have meticulously ruined arena over and over again with every ‘update’ to the game to the point where it’s physically painful to play. All the ‘effort’ in the world doesnt help when I’m matched up against some whale with max boosted dinos I havent got a hope of beating but have no choice but to sit there and get whaled on cos there’s no forfeit button and I wont get a single kill towards that stupid incubator so I’ll have to do it all over again, and again, and again, and make no progress despite my ‘effort’ because the matchmaking is that bad and the arena is that broken. But please; explain how the ‘effort’ will give me a reward there, or make it any less painful to play?

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I’m having a blast in the arena. Rat is gone, what more do you want?
Might wanna drop an arena or so, you’ll get the easy battles that you require. That way you’ll also have no issue doing the 12 battle mission.

If you don’t like the game, don’t play it. If you’re just collecting stuff, then you can really live with a few hundred less Blue.

Complainers gonna complain.


So your opinion that arena’s fun is valid, but mine that its not is invalid because it’s complaining? That’s fair. This dismissive ‘complainer’s gonna complain’ is why nothing gets fixed, because they can just sweep it under the ‘oh it’s just people complaining their opinion doesnt count.’ I’m not going to claim your opinion that an unbalanced arena where 1 or 2 dinos are given free reign to be as broken as possible, where boosts let already powerful dinos become ridiculous, where matchmaking compounds all of this by consistently making sure one participant is massively underpowered to even stand a chance, is ‘fun’ is an invalid opinion. If you like that sort of game good for you.

I have in fact dropped a whole arena in the time we’ve been having this conversation because of the attorcious matchmaking. The 12 battle mission I can at least tolerate because I dont have to play arena specifically to get it.

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Then complain about boosts, not about the DBI mission.

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Matchmaking is still way better than it was with 1.0 boosts. I can easily play unboosted team in Library. Even losing I kill one, most times two opponents dinos. I have some high level dinos, cause of grinding, which helps a lot against boosted ones.

EDIT: There is no need to remove each mission that somebody don’t like it.


They’re unfortunately never going to get rid of boosts, and besides I wouldn’t have to deal with the boosting whales if it weren’t for this mission

And I hope they never get rid of the DBI mission.
Hint: The dbi contains boosts! You can use it to make your own team stronger. Why wouldn’t you wanna open one every day?
Boosting is your own way to balance your custom team. That’s the game you can play. If you’re bothered by over boosted Thors, then boost your counters. The game just became more complicated with boosts.
I don’t like them either, per se, but you gotta learn to live with it and adapt. It’s not as bad as you think.

Or talk to some people who remain unboosted. They are having fun too.
Really, just because you personally cannot handle the arena, doesn’t mean Ludia should remove a valid part of daily missions.
Missions are based off all aspects of the game. They encourage you to play all aspects. Battling is one of them.


‘Complicated’? You what? It’s not exactly ‘complicated’ to pour money at the game until the numbers on your dino are higher than anyone elses numbers. Removing the DBI mission wouldnt mean you couldnt go into arena to get wrecked by the whales or smash other players as the whale or whatever it is you do if you somehow actually enjoy arena, but it would mean the rest of us who dont like getting obliterated by the terrible matchmaking and overall terrible game mode that is arena wouldnt have to subject ourselves to it. If they want to encourage battling they could, I dont know, look into actually fixing some of the glaring balance issues they’ve created, or remember they do have their 12 battle mission that at least can be completed with friendlies, strike events and tournaments if its there. Battling isnt the problem; in fact it’s because the battling system at its core remains good that I even still play. The problem is arena specifically is a hellhole of Ludia’s making.

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I know the feeling. Especially when it requires 12 battles to get a daily done. Granted now the Rat is nerfed, so that gives the arena some balance

I never spent a penny on the game and I’m at 5500 trophies. You can even reach 6k as f2p. It’s nonsense that you can only have fun or achieve things when you spend money on it. Whales are a nuisance but they are the vast minority.
Apparently it’s complicated for you, because if you buff 2 dinos properly in your team and choose the right dinos, then you can counter overboosted beasts with ease.
But the problem is not the DBI mission. The problem is apparently matchmaking and boosts. You don’t like it, but that’s a very personal opinion.

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I never said that you can ‘only have fun’ by spending money, in fact I have repeatedly said that you have the right to have fun however you do in this game. However that right should be extended to everyone. If you want to play arena you can, if I dont I shouldnt be obligated to.

Also I find I funny that your suggestion that you only need to boost 2 dinos completely ignores one of the key aspects of the game where the teams are randomized before every battle, and that the supposed counters dont do much if the opponent’s even higher boosted that you are.

You are not obligated to play the arena.
Ludia is not obligated to give you 100 DNA every day.

I’m giving you an example. I boosted everything equally but 2 of them are a tad faster or a tad stronger, specifically for surviving Thor or Erli attacks.

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I’m not suggesting that the dna should just be ‘given’. I have no problem with ‘difficult’ missions that only require you to play the game. Collecting 2000 rare dna can be a bit of a grind, but I can get it if I just keep on looking. Doing 12 battles can be a pain, but I at least have the option to do those battles outside of arena. The DBI mission specifically is different because it requires you specifically play arena and get knockouts which will drag on and on if you’re only getting 1 ko, or in some cases non, because their utasinoraptor has over 2000 atk or their erlidominus outruns everything you have even after you get a speed boost.

It seems like you’re under the impression that losing the DBI mission would somehow stop you form playing arena and getting the DBI if you wanted. You could still do that, it just wouldnt be required for someone who’s focussing more on collecting or just anything but arena.

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Why stop there though?
Direct hits are annoying too.
And epic DNA collection. Do you know how hard it is to find an epic!?
It’s crazy!
Supply drop spinning… They really want us to leave the house!?
What they should do is just give it to us.
That way we don’t have to battle or collect if we don’t want to.


theres actually a collect epic dna mission?

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If you are a collector, trophies should not matter. Drop until you can get battles you feel are more balanced. Blow off any unbalanced battles where you go 0/3, hit the button again. You will drop and get a takedown here and there until you have 10 for the DBI. Two suggestions from someone who also does not care for Arena.

First, drop to a point you are facing same level/boosted creatures. Two ways to get there. First start a battle and put the phone down. Come back in a few minutes and hit battle again. You will get the occasional takedown until you have all 10. People you face get a ‘free win’ and only have to wait out the timer. Or, keep battling, taking those huge losses and drop a few hundred trophies.

Once you drop a bit, put in whatever fun crew you desire. I made a huge Apato that is amusing to toss into battle. Level up whatever you have the most common of, make a huge one and add it to your crew. What are you saving coins for? Once you collect a creature, you are done. No need to have a fleet of level 30 Unique. If you aim for that fleet of level 30, you are going to be right back where you are, facing those monsters folks purchased lots of boosts for.

Don’t go for a DBI all in one session. Do a battle here and there until you have 10 takedowns. Then, set on it until it is needed for a daily mission. Do a couple battles a day. Once a DBI is full those takedowns roll over. Once you open that DBI you will be surprised to find that there are 4, 5, or 8 takedowns towards the next one!