Ludia, enough

Please, please can you stop with the powercreep every other month? Stop making us players feel like we’re working for nothing when we try to get the new shining dinos. They will get nerfed or subjected to powercreep the next month anyway.

Please stop adding new dinos and new stuff - instead fix the bugs, fix the lag and so on. People are leaving the game because of all of this, which I think is sad.

Just today a member of our alliance notified us that he’s uninstalling the game. Due to lag, constantly adding exclusive dinos, no boost tokens, powercreep/no rebalancing and no communication from the developers.

I love the game, but I’m not liking the direction we’re going in.


Its their game they can add what they want

I know :blush: But I don’t think it’s fair that they’re making our team irrelevant every second month. I’m not a fan of all the bugs either


I know right i hate the bugs too,Heck imagine the game crashes like jurrasic world the game

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Yeah I hope Jwa does not end up like jpb you guys remember?


It’s a good game tho so it needs the fix

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(10 chars) also what is jpb?

Jurassic park builder

That’s not the point, the point is they’re runining their own game, and once everyone quits they will be harmed as well.


All the good old days till jpb got deleted LETS HOPE jwa doesnt get deleted

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Oh i get it

i dont want it to get deleted but also they need to change some stuff tho dont make peeps face uniques in badlands cuz someone screenshoted and did

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