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Ludia erased my level 3 sanctuary and is holding my dinos hostage. WTH

See link above for video

Only 2 days after creating a sanctuary ludia has not only erased my level 3 sanctuary but has also taken away access for me to interact with the ones currently in said sanctuary. What the hell is going on here Ludia!? The sanctuary is NOT overworked.

Hey nostalgicgamerz, I’m sorry to see that you aren’t able to enter your Sanctuary after tapping on the enter button. Our team is aware of this issue, and they’re working on addressing it.

Once the timer resets on your dino, your dino will return to you normally.

I’m sorry but in a game where you’re giving players the option to pay $10 a month in real money to get an enhanced experience, this is unacceptable.

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I can understand your frustration. Could you please reach out to our support team at with your support key so they can try to make this right for you?

It’d also allow our team to gather more information on this issue for their investigation. Thanks!

Everyone has the option to pay for the monthly subscription. Whether they choose to or not is up to the individual.

Also, my personal opinion is that not being able to afford it is just an excuse. For example, I’m not exactly swimming in money delivering pizza but I can still afford it.

Same thing happened to me. Thru 2 dinos in sanct near my work where I’ve seen them fill up before just to see if I could get more community involvement. You know, what they were meant to do. Well half the time I drive by it showed Sanct empty and I couldn’t access it once the share to alliance expired.

I’m actually in favor of them and don’t even mind the low DNA return due to it’s still more than I would get on a lot of dinos. But I feel they need to be fixed.

  1. Consider slightly raising DNA rewards or return.

  2. Consider making the level ups much easier. You dont have the support in game for most alliances and the return for most isnt enough for the work.

  3. Make them spawn less. I dont need 10 in a 2 block radius. I know I’m exaggerating but not by much.

  4. Consider making alliance share the full 48 hours.

I can well afford it, but view it as a waste of resources.
I’ve wasted over a grand on this game and regret it.

To each, his own.


This is the problem. Put 4 dinos in. Come back later and it doesn’t show any unless you click on it and actually enter it.

Sure clearing the cache may fix it. But for the people that pass by it not realizing it’s there does no good and they dont know to clear the cache to see if every empty sanct may not be

I’m curious about this bug.

I know that you can’t touch a sanctuary that has disappeared.
However, what happens if you touch the dinosaur in your dino list?
Does that green button show up?
What happens if you press that?

I think the point he was trying to make was that as a paying customer, we expect a quality service.

Leasts thats how it came across to me anyway =/


Yes. Thank you. Somebody gets it.

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Don’t use the green ones?
I think I just had this happen to me.
What’s going on here?