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Ludia evil plan


So today was a special offer utahraptor. Special events for draco & Sino. I know for a fact a lot of people are going to have renix now. I can see ludia nerfing renix and screwing everyone lol

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To be fair many have gone down thw thor route and trust me you need at least 8k dracorex to get him to level 20 before you start the nightmarish fuses.

But i think we are all anticipating a change in 1.6


Of course it’s going to be nerfed in some way…


I think the distracting rampage delay is still going to happen, they just removed the wording change in the description - probably so people would continue to invest.

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There r many behind door changes that’s out of players control, changes to affect players desire and eagerness to buy something.
Notice the RNG fusing of dinos especially for legend and uniques are getting more 10? is it really RNG?




I’ve noticed the increased ‘10’ fuses on the good dinos. I don’t expect those ‘10’ fuse dinos to get a nerf. The ‘10’ fuse is a nerf itself as it takes much longer to level these.

Nerf wise, this is my guess of the possible nerfs:
Leathal Wound goes from either 0.33 for 3 turns TO 2 turns OR 0.25 for 3 turns.
Swap in Shattering Rampage on Dracorex Gen 2 goes from 2X TO 1.5X AND/OR to 1.5 and cannot swap for 2 turns.