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Ok so, I rant here a lot, but this is the LAST STRAW! LUDIA, WHY DO YOU PROGRAM YOUR BOTS TO SWAP SPAM. It’s literally the WORST thing to do, ESPECIALLY when they have a monolorhino AND a draco. Seriously, you’re encouraging your player base to leave at this point. Not even lying, I’ve lost 5 battles in a row, half of them were bots, your bot battles are NOT fair to most of the players. FIX IT.


You really are complaining about the bots?

And the rest of the community prays to get matched against a bot for the free incubator.


I didn’t know it was possible to lose to a bot.


are you really sure they’re bots?


They have implemented this lately. First time it does take you by surprise. But after that, once you see the first dino swapping, then you know they will keip swapping all the time. So no matter what dino you use, you simply spam your biggest attack. Overal, it’s a little bit trickier than the usual bots. But like the others bots, easy to kill once you get used to that pattern.


Yup, 100% bots, I’ve been checking the recently battled list, and what do you know, they aren’t there. So yea, they’re bots.

Yea I can see them doing that, but these super boosted bots are just unfair, and ruining pvp for me :frowning:

Yeah I am, I constantly get matched up with creatures that are 3+ levels higher than my highest, are super boosted, and just have better creatures than me. (Mags, tryko, nitro thor, spyx, and many more.)

The bots are literally trying to let you win and you’re losing…Ludia isn’t the issue here, lol.


Not really, I don’t see how swap spamming with draco and Mrhino is letting you win. I also don’t see how a super boosted magna/monolometrodon is letting you win either.

Bots only are slightly boosted. Also you will not see nitro Thors used by a bot.

And in addition to that it feels like bots are designed to let you win. I mean, they even heal when they are faster and have full HP…

Don’t know what bots you’re fighting, but the ones I fight are way different. They aren’t slightly boosted for me, they have around 5 boosts on each stat, now I know that’s not a lot, but for me, that’s just unfair. I only have one creature with 5 boosts on a single stat. The rest have 1-2, maybe 3 boosts.

They are not bots, Ludia has not shown what rivals you have faced for a long time, at least that happens to me, in recent rivals the rivals I face never appear.

Nvm, im on badlands And i fight with bots when i lose 2 times in a row. Btw they are 9 level rares.

Yeah in the lower arenas the bots are SO weak.

This is not bots, bots have like 1 or 2 boosts in each stat and i see some aren’t even boosted in speed plus that monolo is hard boosted

Sorry, but they stay weak. I‘ve been in all arenas and they never are nearly as strong as real players.
Mainly because they do have weird / bad boost distribution and tend to always select the worst possible move.

I mean, normally you even win against them when you go afk.

I’ll battle that team over and over again, with a 100%win rate. Still only a bot

I’m not really sure whether it’s Bot that you encountered. Especially in Aviary and above. I’ve never encountered Bots in Aviary. Besides, the 2 losses streak doesn’t automatically entitled you to a Bot match (meaning you may experienced a bad streak and lost 10x in a row to real players and still not getting a Bot match). Not in Aviary. It only occurs to Arenas below Aviary i.e. the Estate.

There are two different types of Bots. The first is the AI which has a strong lineups - full of Unique creatures. The account name is JWABattleBot. After waiting for the 30 seconds timer to run down you’ll get the option i.e. a button which you can tap “Fight AI”.

The second (which I called them Bot) are relatively weaker - the lineups comprised of Legendaries and occasionally Unique creatures. These bot accounts have many names. Most of them are funny and some are not cool i.e. “…eatblood” or something…

And I’ve battled a handful of these Bot accounts. So far I’ve not encountered any Rats. Their worse Swap In creature is MonoStego. Never the Rat. Whenever you lead by 2 points (you’ve taken down 2 of the Bot creatures) the Bot account will continuously swapping in and out the other 2 creatures left. Always happen when you’re leading by 2-1 or 2-0. So, you’ll more or less guaranteed a win.


There is another type of bot one beyond the pity ai and the timer ai. This type was used much more frequently in year 1 but not so much afterwards. I ran into most notably during 1.5. I got matched with it right after a win. It’s team consisted of 2 allosinos and 2 draco g2. Which was the only reason I got the idea it wasn a bot… cause it played much better then the typical ai. It also didn’t show up in recently played and I was told by Ludia it was the ai.

Since then I’ve seen this ai a few times almost always around times to fill in match making gaps… but it’s something Ludia can turn off and on. I just haven’t encountered since boosts we’re added to incubators.

Now normally weekend match making is way worse because people are in tournaments so it’s plausible that it could be turned on during the weekend to help match making.

Not saying this is what the op encountered but it does already exist in the code all Ludia has to do is turn it on.