Ludia Exploiting Player Base

Anyone wonder when Ludia are going to fix Mortem? It’s been 2 updates and Roar still doesn’t work as described. All it did was make raids even worse. But why? Maybe bc a powerful Apex Fierce would counter the new fuseable Apex tanks?

It’s annoying that we were all led to believe these raid Apexes would be great in the arena before Ludia nerfed/broke/power creeped them into arena extinction. Months of faithful daily raiding for nothing. But don’t worry, you’ll soon be able to BUY Boost Coins to take your boosts off of them and place on this month’s bait Dino’s.

Now we are meant to spend all our cash on the new fuseable OP Apex tanks. But they won’t last.

Next Ludia will introduce a fuseable OP Apex Fierce to counter these OP monsters and we will all be expected to scramble for those as well.

Ludia, it’s getting tiresome. I know you need to make money but you’re crossing the line into exploitation with all the bait and switch nonsense.

The player base is tired!! Everyone in my alliance is tired. Raids were an awesome connection we all had but now it’s obvious those raids are for nothing and even the legendary raids get more chat action than the midweek Apex raids.

Bring back the fun!! There have to be more fair ways to make money off of this game like different Dino skins, expanded drone battery life’s, etc.


Honestly the only good thing really about the old apexes is that mortem can counter the two new ones

Now imagine if they had actually fixed Mortem. Or if they added an On Escape ability like the other top Fierces?

Honestly pure fierce just needs to be better in general. Mortem and Spinos need buffs, and even then more fierce need to be added. Indotaurus is holding onto the fierce meta all by itself. Unfortunately we probably won’t be getting that without Ludia making more powercreep.