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Ludia fix it or I will stop playing

I have 3 unique creature and some (16-19)low level creatures in my team.
While doing battle most of the time I get my worst creatures to fight with creatures of 24-25 level.
I keep falling from aviary to Lockwood estate, i struggle to become stable in aviary.
Why don’t they decide matchmaking by looking at both players team instead of players trophy count.
And please if you are giving us hard opponents so also give us best of our creatures not the worse ones

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I feel your pain, the boost shuffle hasn’t helped at all, peeps are throwing all there boosts into the same old dinos, indo g1, indominus,mono,& there biggest fav, nitro Thor

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The average speed is 136 for indo now Thor damage 1700 & any mono under 130 is slow

I think your problem is using uniques with an underlevelled team.
Starting level for uniques is 21 so that’s a huge gap between 21 and 16.
Every arena till Lockwood Library is based on team strenght AND trophies.
It gets based on trophies only from Library up.
So yeah. The uniques do mean that you will be matched with stronger opponents.
It doesn’t help that Aviary and Library are seriously overcrowded.

Also sorry to say that, but threats of leaving will probably fall on deaf ears. :woman_shrugging:

Your title is AWESOME!!!
It caught my eye immediately

This is all Ludia cares about


This is my team

I’m working on tenontorex(by the help of alliance) and tryko (by sanctuary)

Tenontarex is great, try looking to make erlikaspyx, too, both dinos r considered endgame so they will serve you well, especially against Thor who constantly dominates most teams

This is a pretty low team for aviary. Mine is a 22 maxima, 24 indom, 21 thor, 21 indo, 20 tryo, 18 thyla, 19 draco, and 21 quetz. You want at least one 23-24 to stay in aviary. Mine is an indom which has 1836 attack, 127 speed. I also have 1300 hp boosts to spend so just work on leveling stuff. get rid of phoru eventually too

a 6 lv difference between your highest and lowest lv creatures is a huge difference in terms of power.
an average aviary team is somewhere in the ballpark of 22-26 lv creatures. (with thors and indos being significantly higher in lvs due to the ease of creation in the past.)

my own team is 22-25 and i sit roughly in the middle of the pack.

Ok i will try to improve my team

Yeah I agree, your team is top heavy as I refer too, try & keep the gap between dinos smaller like 1 or2 levels , I see it in battles all the time a player has a maxed out Dino & then nothing, & then I get yawned at :thinking:

i personally like to keep my lowest lv within 2 of my highest. i can do 3 if it can pull its weight.
The closer in lv you can keep your team, the less likely you are to punch above your “weight class” and get into Win if i get this dino and loose if i don’t.