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Ludia fix the Jurrassic Dorks deleveling


The matchmaking for deleveled Jurrassic Dorks is silly. If I have level 10 and 11 Dinos I shouldn’t be facing level 20 or all legendary opponents.

Simple fix:

  1. Don’t match someone with a 10+ (for example) dino level disparity.

  2. Give no reward to a deleveled Jurrassic Dork.

  3. Lower rewards for Jurrassic Dork and raise rewards for those grossly outgunned. Maybe rewards for each dino defeated even if you lose.

The game becomes pointless when I am in Arena 4 fighting level 20 Indominus and such.



Lol jurassic dork. Is that what we’re calling arena droppers now? I would think that’s something you’d call someone who is obsessed with the movies and dinosaurs…coughlike mecough.

But I do agree that something needs to change in the arenas. I just had back to back matches where I was matched with people whose weakest creatures are stronger than my strongest. Luckily I won one because I think they are arena dropping and gained 47 trophies for it, but I don’t like fighting people like that.


They have attempted to rectify this by changing the incubator DNA to more frequently include DNA from any arena youve past. Will it quell the dropping? Probably not but we’ve all trudged up that hill


With how tight the ranges are plus how abundant DNA is now are we sure all of those guys are deranking? Seems like a bad spell of 100 lost trophies to RNG could put them within your range now

I mean I’m in a higher arena and I face teams whose lowest dino is higher than my highest. I think to some extent that’s how matchmaking will work now. If for beating you the opponent only gains say 12 trophies because you are at the further end of his range then turns around and loses to a team closer to his range from a bad dodge run/crits (etc) and goes minus 30 he just got closer to you on the whole trophy wise


This isn’t even close. Level 10 and 11 on my side. Level 16-21 on their side. At 2k trophies.


Been like that since the beginning only cure at low level is to drop yourself and pay forward the pain! :smiling_imp:
If only there was decent matchmaking lol


Well Ludia could fix it if they give a damn.




What they should do is lock you in an arena once you hit that number. So if you get to 4,000 you can’t ever go lower. Or maybe they could just make it that once you hit an arena the exclusive Dino’s get added to the dna pool and then you always can get them so there is no need to drop down. That wouldn’t stop people from deleveling just for easy incubators


Blocking people in arenas is a terrible idea. The first time you Rose above where you should be in hit the next Arena you’d be stuck there for good and never win another game


What about when you need to learn to play new Dino??


:point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_up_2:
Simple as that.
And yes, people are deranking, this is what I saw on Lockwood Estate


I fought many lvl 1 creatures today in Lockwood. My guess is the non caught spoofs are dropping so they don’t get caught out after rising for prizes in tourney


Matching creature levels in arenas is a terrible idea.

I could simply play my lowest level creatures forever, and perhaps win enough to end up in the highest arenas, never having faced a high level creature. Those who have done the grind or paid enough to have fantastic creatures would only face the same creatures they have.

The way to fix arena droppers is to fix the battle arena so we don’t go on these terrible RNG loss strings. The RNG is broke in that it goes on wild swings of incredibly GOOD rng wins, to incredibly BAD RNG losses of crits and dodges. Many of us drop because we get tired of the two steps forward and ten back routine.


Battle your friends or just put the new Dino in


Good point I haven’t arena dropped since trex was in the first arena usually use the friendly battle to test Dino’s already. Although I wouldn’t have trex at lvl 20 with 1000 spare DNA for hybrids if I didn’t back then though, so can see why people do it!


what if

  • game jut lock arena drop? for exemple, if you reach arena 5, no matter how many times you loose, you won’t go back to 4, and so on?
  • remove exclusive dinos from arenas, and offer them together with others?
  • consider player level in matchmaking? level 6 player with 1000 trophies is not the same as level 12 player with 1000 trophies (level 12 probably have stronger dinos, even if purposely not selected to team).
  • kill arenas at all? what is arenas for, get specific dnas? if arenas were imagined to separate different level of gamers, so we should go back to “lock arena” idea above.
  • what about consider all dino collection of a player, other than only team strenght? this scenario, if one chooses low level dinos purposely, its not a good idea, because can battle against powerful ones, because game system will know you team can be better.


I’m guilty of this but only because of terrible RNG and poor matchmaking. It’s good way to fill up my incubator slots and get the daily battle incubator. Sorry not sorry.


Would be really nice if they would add a seperate arena just for incubators. A new one that would have no ranks or points to earn or lose.

But I suspect if they did that, almost all of the players would go this route and there would only be like 10 people fighting for rank, lolz!!! :rofl::joy::sweat_smile:

Incredibly broken matchmaking, terrible RNG, unbalanced dinos and developers who only care about money are only a few of the problems with the current arena rank system .


I doubt they will fix anything to quench the d-leveling. I suspect the world of game development is the same as the world of automaker vehicle development. Everyone wants to work on the new vehicle program. No body wants to get stuck having to go back to an old car or truck that is out on the road and fix warranty problems.

Having to pay someone to fix code on a released game like this is a term we use in the auto world as F-cost (Failure costs) although there is another word we use for the F. Everyone wants to work on coding the new game in development. They don’t want to go back to this game (JWA) and trouble shoot all the little problems we have getting this thing to work correctly on our devices or fix the complaints people have with how the game works or the way people take advantage of bugs and just how the game works.

I hate having to go back a fix 5 year old products. I want to work on new stuff. My company doesn’t particularly like having to pay to fix problems on old product but it happens and in the auto world, we have to fix it. In the gaming world, nobody will get stranded in the middle of North Dakota in the middle of winter when it is -24 below zero on the freeway because their fuel pump controller quit functioning.