Ludia, FIX your bots

One indoraptor is annoying enough, but two back to back, seriously. I probably would have won if not for the opponent not showing glitch and having to restart the game only to find my stegodeus basically dead. Then after I beat the first indo another comes right out. I end up beating that too and then an over leveled tany beats my injured dinosaurs. I know it was a bot because their name does not show on my recently played. I also lost 49 trophies. I have never lost that many before for a single match. Surely someone can figure out how to have bots not repeat high level legendaries and uniques on the same team. And if it is a bot, I should not lose basically two wins worth of trophies.

Sorry, but please allow me to edit your subject -

Ludia, FIX something, anything, PLEASE!

haha!! I hear ya!


Haha any fix would be appreciated. I had to restart my game 10/13 times doing the two strike towers thanks to the red line bug. :expressionless: