Ludia fix your garbage mehanics!

DODGE is garbage. Let me explain: when I fight I lose 75% of time because I am not dodging 2-3-4 times in a row. Dinos that should be countered by dodge are not getting countered. Im not saying it should be removed. In my oppinion it needs a rework, example: Dodge 1st round 100% 2nd round 75% 3rd 50%… Immunity? Its all over the place. Unique bird immune to bleed, why? How about the game starts making sense? How about a bird being immune to slow? Its flying? Makes sense that a ground dino cant slow it down. Immune to stun? Stun is useless at this point. 90% of dinos Im fighting against are immune to it. Make some kind of sense of the game while balancing it. Its getting more and more frustating fighting against opponents that win because of pure RNG. I understand the game needs RNG but this is too much. Just make every Type of dino immune to something, superhybrids immune to few things, and weak no HP but fast dinos immune to all. Give it some logic behind having immunity to certain things. Ludia keep working on it, game misses so little to be awesome

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