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Ludia Fusion system is terrible

Pyrriator fusing: 10 10 10 10 30 10 10

So I’ll need 2 more years to creat mangapyrator.

Ludia is making its save that I’ll never buy an incubator. DNA is worthless with that fusing Rates.

It’s a rigged game. Nothing is random, nothing is fair in this game.

Universal should stop the franchise contract with ludia. Maybe We can do something about that.

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In one roll there are only 933 possible outcomes from the RNG.

If your talking sequence of rewards then yes, in 10 rolls there are 10^10 ways the rewards could end up sequenced.

I’m going to reduce the number of rolls to 5 because the numbers are getting too big to show. So in 5 roll there are 10^5 (100,000) ways the rewards could end up. Only one of those ways could be five 100’s in a row (0.001%) improbable of happening but still doesn’t seem that bad.
But what hasn’t been taken into account is that in 5 rolls there would be 933^5 (706,981,775,479,893) sequences the RNG results could end up of which only 1 would be rewards of 100’s five times in a row. So the reality is there would a very minuscule chance of (0.000000000000141446361799243%) of being rewarded five 100’s in a row. The odds of winning the lottery are better.

First sentence…in one roll there are 10 possible outcomes. Some are more likely to occur, but only 10 possible.

I wish we could see our statistics like average roll & how many times we rolled a certain number. Same with darting. Average number of darts for each dino. How many different dinosaurs we dart in one day, ect. Maybe the JWA field manual could add stats?

and the fact that the RNG may break out the fuse ratio by allocating a fuse count to one of 933 choices does not mean there are 933 possible outcomes. By that same logic the RNG might pick a random number between 1 and 933,000 of which a 10 is allocated if the number is between 1 and 300,000 and so on.

Having 933,000 possibe RNG selections doesn’t correlate to 933,000 possible outcomes. There are still just 10 possible outcomes of which the most likely, a 10, is selected if one of 300,000 numbers is selected by the RNG.

I just fused my first Magna today and wouldn’t you know it

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