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Ludia Fusion system is terrible

Pyrriator fusing: 10 10 10 10 30 10 10

So I’ll need 2 more years to creat mangapyrator.

Ludia is making its save that I’ll never buy an incubator. DNA is worthless with that fusing Rates.

It’s a rigged game. Nothing is random, nothing is fair in this game.

Universal should stop the franchise contract with ludia. Maybe We can do something about that.


In one roll there are only 933 possible outcomes from the RNG.

If your talking sequence of rewards then yes, in 10 rolls there are 10^10 ways the rewards could end up sequenced.

I’m going to reduce the number of rolls to 5 because the numbers are getting too big to show. So in 5 roll there are 10^5 (100,000) ways the rewards could end up. Only one of those ways could be five 100’s in a row (0.001%) improbable of happening but still doesn’t seem that bad.
But what hasn’t been taken into account is that in 5 rolls there would be 933^5 (706,981,775,479,893) sequences the RNG results could end up of which only 1 would be rewards of 100’s five times in a row. So the reality is there would a very minuscule chance of (0.000000000000141446361799243%) of being rewarded five 100’s in a row. The odds of winning the lottery are better.

First sentence…in one roll there are 10 possible outcomes. Some are more likely to occur, but only 10 possible.

I wish we could see our statistics like average roll & how many times we rolled a certain number. Same with darting. Average number of darts for each dino. How many different dinosaurs we dart in one day, ect. Maybe the JWA field manual could add stats?

and the fact that the RNG may break out the fuse ratio by allocating a fuse count to one of 933 choices does not mean there are 933 possible outcomes. By that same logic the RNG might pick a random number between 1 and 933,000 of which a 10 is allocated if the number is between 1 and 300,000 and so on.

Having 933,000 possibe RNG selections doesn’t correlate to 933,000 possible outcomes. There are still just 10 possible outcomes of which the most likely, a 10, is selected if one of 300,000 numbers is selected by the RNG.

I just fused my first Magna today and wouldn’t you know it

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Just going to post this here…


:arrow_up: That was a Very insightful article @Piere87 & OrigamiRobot !
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Not mine, but our resident numbers guy, OrigamiRobot. He is a genius with these types of things.

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It was a good article to explain the numbers, fusions and distribution. The only thing I would question is there only being one distribution table.

There is a recipe file for every hybrid that has the reward distribution. Most of the hybrids fall into one of three primary tables. A couple of the hybrids have tables that mostly match one of the primary three, but have one number that is off. Don’t know if it was intentional or a typo. No matter which table a hybrid has though, they are all averaging in the low 20’s.

I also enjoy messing with numbers, odds, and probabilities. It’s one of the reasons I’m not a gambler.

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Passing along a message from the author: Thanks for pointing this out and the article has been updated to reflect the new information about different fusing tables. :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is brilliant, seeing the whole table in the article per dino makes so much sense now :slight_smile:
Basically, people will get less 10s on some creatures, but also less high numbers, that’s why they think it’s better, but on average the difference is neglectable.

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No problem and I appreciated the article.

I kept track of fusions on 100 to 400 fusions on a few hybrids (I’d have to look at my spreadsheet to recall which hybrids they were) in single sessions. Most of the averages came in at +/- 0.25 which is acceptable.

Big bs. Take one Dino. Write down the fusing number for different Dino’s and you will see that it’s different.
Maxima has an avg around 11-12 dna.

In combination with lowered spawn numbers of Dino’s this is a rigged system. (Eg. Trex it nearly gone, the last 2 month I found only 4-6 on the map) It’s clear that Ludia is watching statistics and they clearly creating contigency to force people to buy stuff. You can grind how much you want, ludia will stop you from getting much dna. In an gps based game the amount of dna you get should controlled by the amount you move on the map and the time you’re online. But not in jwa, ludia is deciding how much dna you get.

And that’s what people call rigging. It’s clear the that no ludia guy is waiting for your fusing attempt and decides „now we give him 10“.

Far fetched.
I see a T-Rex almost every other day, it’s not extinct whatsoever. Got Maxima til nearly 25 with very limited resources and you have no empirical data to back up these claims whatsoever.

Believe what you want, but just because you feel like Ludia is against you doesn’t make it true all of a sudden.

Ludia doesn’t “stop you”, otherwise there wouldn’t be so many playes with a lvl30 team.
But sure, keep believing it. Keep being annoyed with the fact that RNG is not always in your favor. It’s a massive waste of time. You could’ve found a T-rex in the mean time.

Haha these fake numbers :joy:

So 40% to get a 10 when fusing maxima? :joy::joy::joy:

Hilarious wrong. So if I fuse 10 times I should get 4 10s. That’s how the math works. How can it be that i get 9 10s and one 20.

You will say I’ll get a 90 fuse sometime that highers the avg? Maybe in attempt 9000 when I allredsy finished maxima in the year 2025.

So fake. Only the simple minds will eat this bs.

No, that is not how math works. And especially not how RNG works.
You have a 40% chance to get a 10 at any fuse.
And the fuse after that, you have another 40% chance. And so on.
In theory you can get 100 fuses of 10 in a row. Or even more. The chance of that happening gets lower and lower the more you fuse, but it’s still possible.
You can relatively accurately say that you have a 40% to get a 10 when you fuse over 100 times in a row. You can’t do that with a dino you only fused to level 22 or so.

The fact alone that you accuse me of being paid by Ludia means you have very little understanding of truth. I see a ton of T-rex. Very little Brachio but that’s nothing new.

Read this, do some computer programming and have fun with Excel. Check the API from Google about game points on maps, check with other players how their T-rex intake is and then learn about statistics, and maybe you’ll understand how all this works.

BTW: it’s 40% because it’s 40% sure you can have 5 10s in 10 tries or only 3 in 10 tries. Possible.

But it’s 40%. Means at 100 tries you have 40 10s and 60 other things.

It not like I have only fused it 10 times. I have maxima on level 25 and fused it a lot more then 10 times.

From level 24 to 25 it’s was nearly all 10s. Now I have 100 dna to level 26 and had one 30 the rest 10s.

It’s not 40%, okay mybe it’s 40% but it is rigged by other factors so at the end some people do not have the 40%.

You’re thinking about it a bit wrong. It’s not a linear progression of percentage rewards based on the previous reward in the same roll. Each instance of a fuse is its own roll. 40% of each new roll, so yes there will be many 10s.

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