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Ludia, get it together with your integrity, now!

The thing what happened with the Pterosauria strike is unacceptable and infuriating.

If you accidentally make a mistake like that, the moment one person claims the wrong award YOU KEEP IT UP FOR EVERYONE or make a list of who claimed it and REMOVE FROM EVERYONE.

You guys have the exact data to know how many people claimed it with the around 0.001% of playerbase. There is zero reason you can’t make a rollback.

And also… What is this nonsense???
You guys only fix bugs between patches that hurt US for months. Alliance chat bug? Still a thing! Dinos hidden in strike towers? It was up for two patches (5 MONTHS)? People losing the ability to select moves mid-match? I was one of the first to report it 9 MONTHS AGO and it’s still not fixed!!! Dinos getting stuck in sanctuaries just like how they got stuck in strike towers previously? It’s a problem since 2,5 months…

Now there is a bug that is BAD FOR LUDIA and NOT THE PLAYERS and it gets fixed in 16 MINUTES?!?!?!

This is outrageous, unprofessional, borderline spineless and almost in the territory of customer abuse.

Either you fix ALL BUGS continously or if your bug fix comes in waves (patches) then leave ALL BUGS BE. Not just fix that ONE BUG that’s inconvenient for YOU.

That’s all. I am really out of speech and I was one of your most loyal customers, who, if you search back my posts, often defended Ludia as a company against player organized “Lydia” witch-hunting.


  • A very disappointed long-term customer

Unlimited coins from stops was also fixed very fast… I wonder why :thinking:


Crap, I wanted to mention that one but forgot it, I got so angry. :sweat_smile:


To be clear to new players, it was not unlimited coins but no coin cap limits on supply drops

But after that one was fixed our Alliance noticed that we couldn’t get to he coin limits for a week afterwards. Presumably to pull back the error.


Thread getting merged in 3,2,1😂


Wow did I miss another Ludia screw up? Teaches me to take a few days break from things.


They dont care about us all they care is some rich boys money for extra crap boosts


I’ve only been experiencing the no move select bug ever since second to last tournament (I think it coincided with the most recent update). And many others have been getting it too. So I don’t know what Ludia did this current patch, but it messed up everything even worse, since I get this bug daily.


Ok they may not merge it since the pterosaurs scent fiasco was only part of it!


This is a company that employs developers who cannot do arithmetic - The easy Big 4 that you got down by what… grade 3? Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. These 4 simple things… yet they couldn’t, for months, make the damage preview show the proper number. This isn’t mathematics, just one of the three R’s… And they couldn’t fix it… And re-broke it after they almost kind of fixed it. That’s how bad the dev team is. And with how bad their dev team is, remember, they designed this system that keeps track of every where you go… This group of incompetent noobs has all of that data on you. God knows who else has it as well… That should probably scare you…


Oh look, another complaining thread. Haven’t seen one of these in a couple minutes.

We know all about Ludia but thanks for the reminder I guess.


Oh look, an useless comment under a discussion topic.

We all had a civil discussion going, but thanks for adding nothing, I guess?


Thank you for taking time out of your day to comment. Your complaint has been noted.

Since Ludia doesn’t seem to give 2 schlits about players complaints, do you think players would care about yours?


Not so simple - what about people who have taken the DNA they received and fused it, levelled up, etc. alongside other fuses and levellings - wouldn’t want to be the dev that has to unpick that.


I wouldn’t trust the devs to properly do it, with how bad they are. Best to just get a list of players who got the incubator from the database, then send them the pterosaur scent and send everyone else the premium flyer incubator… A half dead cobol developer could manage that one, so they might be able to swing it without screwing it up. Might…


Complaining about people complaining?



I concur that would be far easier than a rollback - or they could have just not fixed it

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People complaining about people complaining about people complaining :crazy_face:

[I’m teasing]


Takes a dev to understand these things :wink:
Also, this was not a bug, but a setting. They can be fixed without a roll-out and do not require developers.
These things can get fixed easily by any support member, but it requires developers to do a rollback, as it’s a complicated database procedure that cannot be done without the consent of the player who already used it to fuse or spend the coins.
What if you got a 100 fuse? And then it gets undone. And the next time it’s a 10? That’s gonna be a fun discussion!

Settings can be fixed quick, bugs can apparently not. (Lack of (skilled) personnel, either hard to find or they don’t wanna spend money on what’s important)
The most fair decision in this case would be that everyone gets to keep the incubator, HOWEVER, this is not what Ludia wants and tbh I would find it a bit excessive too that everyone would get to receive this much. Especially since some people who weren’t playing this day would miss out on it completely.
Giving away so much for free to all players causes a bit of a money setback (less coin sales and stuff), while doing nothing costs nothing except for a few angry forum members, which they have plenty of already anyway.

Why everyone is so outrageous I don’t really understand. Yes, it’s the nth Ludia screwup, and no, we shouldn’t be surprised by it. Some people benefit from it, but not a crazy amount like with unlimited boosts sales. And those did get a rollback (even though there are reports of some people having higher than possible boost levels, but that’s under investigation by 0 detectives as we speak).

Guess what, YOU’LL LIVE!

It’s fine if you address that Ludia should pay more attention, and it’s definitely more than logical that Ludia would finally answer to us about this and other issues that have been there since the start, but just watch your blood pressure. It’s a game not getting a heart attack over…
I also want a response from Ludia. Badly. But I’m currently way more frustrated by the presence of boosts and rats that I can’t really care whatsoever by a few lucky Jon Snows getting a bonus.


:rofl: and glad you picked up on that second one :+1: