Ludia, give us an option to devolve and get coin refund for recently nerf dinos

Like the other games do, or else you are punishing the hard working player who worked hard for the meta dino just to have them get nerfed. Especially those f2p players who have to work extra hard to get enough coins to evolve lvl 25+ dino. You will gradually lose the hardcore player base if you keep nerfing without compensation. This game will die before it get well balanced.

TL;DR refund nerf dino to compensate the hard working player


You’re the one who decided to devote so many resources into it, knowing that it could and most likely would get nerfed.


Your comment doesn’t make any sense. You could say that about every dino in the game…

“Oh, you leveled your Stigimoloch Gen 2 to level 3? You should have known better!”

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It happened f.e. when I wanted to scroll down to have a look at what the dino can do and then tapped on the button.

Oops first post has been „temporarily“ hidden. Don‘t know why but lets see whats coming. :thinking:

this was valid after the first update where they killed all 15 or so raptors that everyone was using and had at high level. as they did that without warning. now you should know better and assume that it could happen to any dino and leveling any is a risk.

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Dont feel bad I did the same thing. Accidently misclicked that billboard of an evolve button and spent 50,000 coins leveling a trex from 20 to 21.

Took me a week of spinning drops to save those coins, contacted support and the dude straight up lied to me and refused to do anything at all. Wonderful customer service you have here, Ludia.

Or you could stop overleveling overpowered dinos and level those that fit your playstyle / you like.

If you invest in the cheap toy knowing it was cheap ‘I win’ button, you were knowing what you are doing and you get what was coming for you.

Every decision in life have consequences. Investing into unfair dinos has the consequence of it getting taken away. Your choice, your punishment.

I’ve suggested this in the past as well. I don’t mind cycling the meta from time to time but at some point people are going to stop playing when their level 2000 Monostegodominus gets nerfed and they their stuck with another useless dino they spent way to much DNA on

EXACTLY! This is why I am waiting for the rivers of tears when Stegod finally gets her well deserved and much needed nerf. People rely on overleveled Stegods SO MUCH, that after the nerf, I honestly think that most will just walk around like zombies, not knowing what to do or how to play anymore without their crutch.


So by trying to be competitive in the current meta = I should get punished.
I play a lot, i get a lot of dna. I grind coin to level up relevant dinos. Now I’m a cheap person. That’s some fine logics you have there. Or Are you trying to suggest me to farm dracorex gen 2 and invest crazy amount of coin to super overleveled her and use her to climb the ladder since she won’t get nerfed?

There’s always a meta. I’m fine with change in meta, but not with how I’m punished for trying to go with the meta. There will always be the most strongest dino in the meta. Is using the best dino of the current meta considered cheap?


FYI, I’m totally agree that Stegod need a nerf. I just cant tolerate ludia keep nerfing again and again denying any work put in the game. There are other ways to balance the game powercreep, introduce new mechanics, etc.

Cant wait for the next meta to emerge and people cry about the new op dino.

PS. I dont really get frustrated getting stomped by an overlevel stegod. To me, it’s just the other player worked harder. What frustrate me is the 6 dodges in a row by monomimus or indoraptor. That’s totally bs and unfair. I also feel disgusting when I win like that too

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This is how games work. This is a rebalance to SS. The fact is that the way it’s looking, SIA may become the next meta mechanic that they’re pushing towards for the future. However, in order to do that, some things need to be rebalanced. If you paid money or put extra effort into the dino, that’s great and I am sure it benefited you and at the same time, it is still going to be good so it won’t be unusable. In games, things get buffed/nerfed/reworked all the time. It happens in other games be it on mobile, console or PC - that’s just how it goes. Deal with it and move on.

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The people who don’t really care about the PvP other than getting incubators are also sick of constantly coming up against a Stegod (previously Velociraptor) 5 levels above the rest of the team simply because it’s obviously the best dinosaur of the patch for how hard it is to make.

There’s enough RNG for it to barely matter anyway. There are literally thousands of better PvP games than this, I don’t really understand why you’d pick this game if that was your interest tbh.

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I agree with @Van.
What the Dev is doing would kill the game.
We the hardcore players invest in the game for returns - by having a competitive team.
If they keep nerfing our team, then, too much uncertainty will lead to players reluctance to level up their dinos - which would lead to less coins purchase, etc.
What they did for the Raptors meta was to create a counter - not nerf (meaningfully). So, if some players believe that some dinos are OP, then, create a counter; not nerf existing dinos in our team.
Besides, I strongly believe that meta shouldn’t change too frequently. Maybe one or twice a year is nice. But 4 months after released we have seen few meta changes.
My opinion what the Dev should do is to improvise on the game experience - dinos spawn, battle mechanics, rewards, etc. Not keep amending dinos stats…

Just to add. Those complaining may not have encountered a Tryko in the battle arena yet. Stegod is among the few which can stand a surviving chance against it. It wipes out a L29 Stegod in no time; let alone a high level Tryko i.e. L25 and above. If our only bastion is weakened, then, I don’t know what else can stand a chance against it…

I have a Lv30 Stegod. Grinding hard to get it but I do believe SS should be changed in someway. This tournament I discovered one thing about Stegod. A lvl28 Trex can kill my Stegod every time no matter what. I have fought a lot of them on the bots I played at the top of the leaderboard. I stopped leading out my Stegod bc Trex and even Trex gen2 can kill it with 2 shots.

It wouldn’t work, you could level a Dino to level up, get the level up bonus and then devolve…

You could do like so many others, and just start playing GhostBusters World.
JWA is so yesterday…

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@Ryan_Haines Of course, I didn’t wish I can devolve any dino at anytime. What I want is something like Hearthstone, when something is recently nerfed, you can get a refund for a period of time. In JWA, maybe being able to devolve for a max of 2-3 levels and got my xp or even level reduced accordingly after the dino got a nerf in one month period would be reasonable.

I don’t see any reason to nerf the StegoD. It is quite easy to create, everybody who invests time in this game can create and level it at some point. Furthermore, there are quite a few dinos, like T-Rex, who have Defense Shattering Attacks and can counter StegoD or at least deal massive damage. The balancing really has bigger problems than StegoD.

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