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Ludia give us this ability

I want ability to choose which dna we require from the incubator, I’ve opened total 3 valentine incubator; non of these have given me tenontosaurus, instead I got those weurhosaurus and marsupial lion dna …Hence I want this feature to choose which creature dna we require, I’m not talking about incubators in store, but the incubator we get from strike tower.
If these Features added to strike tower, it would be cool.


If you mean the paid ones, then welcome to microtransactions my friend. Incubators are meant to be the way they are to force players to keep opening them until they chance upon what they want…for the paid ones that means buy them until you’re satisfied. That’ll probably never change

I’m not talking about paid ones, I’m talking about strike towers

The free ones they’re even less obligated. They would love you to get nothing and then buy the paid ones :man_shrugging:. It’s just how the world works

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The whole point is that such things are random. As much as we all want the DNA that we want, we need to play the long game and earn it.


@Colin_Goodman :weary: verdade, verdade …

Translated from Portuguese

:weary: true, true…

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