Ludia gross monthly earnings

Ludia can afford to make JWA a true free to play game when there monthly gross earnings is around 25 million. Yes so to all those people out there who will say that Ludia is a company I understand that but sometimes it is good thing for a company to give back I have no problem with them making some money off the game but the coins and the fact that if you don’t pay coins you get stuck is not far that is all I am saying

I would bet if we looked at the numbers most of the imcome of this game is based off coin purchases. Your not really capped at how much dna you can earn as long as your willing to go out and do it. This is done by design and I dont see it changing… if i look at my clash royale account and my jwa account besides game similarities they have one major thing in common. And thats I have a ton of stuff i could level but lack the coins to do so and even when i have the coins im gonna level something im gonna use.

Their is a balance aspect to this game as well. Level means alot here… without the coin wall people would just end up overleveling commons as the path up the ladder… they dont cause the coin wall makes it a bad investment.