Ludia grow up

You supposedly have millions of players. I am betting you are under 100k at best. Take away all the second and third accounts. Needless to say, I am sick of the nerfing of Dino’s. You listen to 100-200 of players who cry about every thing, instead of the silent majority who over come, grind and actually learn from loosing battles. If you make Dino, you created it. It’s your game, actually test it and make the adjustments before you put it into play. Instead till now, you hide behind updates, then nerf stuff or change move sets. That is pathetic. Do your due dill even earlier and stop penalizing the play.
You create Dino’s, to counters moves like dodge, ie smilidon, but do such a poor job that it gets killed immediately. So your next answer is to make the most epic Dino, indo, completely useless to take care of the few hundred who cry. Or maybe the spenders who get the occasional loss cause cloak worked and they did not spend enough to counter it. Either way, your tunnel vision has no foresight. This update proves that cause you ruined 4 other Dino’s.
As soon as you ruin Draco, seeing all cloak or dodge Dino’s are trashed, you will ruin all the Utah uniques next. Cause that will be next class of target Dino’s by the minority. It’s pretty sad. We all get there are changes in games, but on your part it’s changes from lack of knowing your own product.

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You think its lack of knowing there own product because they listen to whiners… I say they nerf stuff out of meta to force people to change their teams. It doesnt take much to look at the indo nerf…which i think of all indo was hit the hardest. Making indo go from high apex to barely usable instantly creates a void in a huge portion of the player bases teams. That void needs to be filled coins will be sold, scents, maybe some incubators and of course boosts. Which seem to be showing up in the store more frequently not likely a coincidence.

With Ludia nerfs are a revunue model…not a game balancing model. They got people to pay to level dg2, then create dracocera. When it finally gets a nerf it wont be for balance it will be because it has a new unique that essentially is pre nerf dracocera… maybe it even gets dsr back. And people have paid for the same dino 3 times.

I feel your right in that sino hybrids lines will be nerfed significantly in the future again not for balance as something new will be their to fill the void but to force all those who significantly boostwd their thors to have to replace him and buy more boosts.


There are currently about 240k active players.

Based on Samsung game data.

60k playing on Samsung which controls 25% of the market share. 60k X 4 = 240K active players.

PoGo = over 9M active players currently.

Game is dying… I left my alliance and dropped severely just to have some fun with the 182 dinos I’ve never used because the 8 that took me for ages to create now bring me into battles where they’re oneshotted every single time… and I’m far from the only one. Don’t even care about levelling them up because I would have to boost them as well just to manage against the +5 levelled fully boosted opponents. It’s sad


Agree. Game is dying. New players will never catch up and even older players are hopelessly behind if they missed any Boost sales because they don’t want to pay over $100 per month to do so. Therefore Ludia’s last gasp is to sell Boosts to the addicted players still hanging on to the Leaderboard.


Although I’m not a doom or gloom kinda guy, I’m also concerned about growth.
The game is not newcomer friendly and I have no idea how to even approach that.

Actually the game is doing a lot better than it has been for a long time

This is the current rating for it on the top grossing apps on Google play

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That’s top grossing though.
That’s all of us whales. LOL
I’m concerned about growth.

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I would think the game is still new user friendly to a point. Starting out they will face the same equal opponents. It is only when they start hitting boosted opponents that will out speed them that it will get frustrating. They are not high enough level to use boosts yet must battle them.

Once they are able to start applying them (if they have stuck it out that long) they will quickly realize how far behind the curve they are. They will hit the first bottleneck of older players who have purchased several sets of boosts and cannot rise any further no matter how many boosts they purchase and apply.

No, really its doing better than it has been for a long time

Actually, game is now a milking cow with boosts:

  1. Everybody needs to buy boosts at some point, so top players are forced to spend money to stay in touch.

  2. Those that want to jump fast to top 500 buy boosts for money.

  3. New players that want to be competitive after they hit boosts wall, also need to buy boosts.

PoGo for example can be played completely without spending any cent. Everything is served easily, but new players (lvl 30+ without real counters, without enough stardust…) still can’t challenge old ones, except in shinies.

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As a person affected with nerfophobia I reeally hate this. And the existence of boosts doesn’t make it any better. Sometimes I feel like this is a job, not a game. You can’t expect to keep using the dinos you like because eventually they will be taken out of meta.


It just SHOULD’T be so that you’re forced to use boosts in order to maintain your arena or have a little progression… it’s stupid.


I hate that the game is like that now. A few days ago I was down in the middle of ruins, decided to boost my Thor to speed 127 and then I rocketed up to Lockwood estate, which is still where I am presently


My alliance members are playing this game less and less.
Most of them don’t do PvP anymore.
Some of them step out of the game.
I used to recommend this game to my friends but now they are all gone since the boot disease.

Me too, I’m starting to lose hope on this game.
I really really love this game and want to see it success.
I play the game since launch and this is the only AR game I play at the moment.
I love the game before Dracoceratops era.
Ludia has been doing a great job to steal all the fun from this game.

One day I may leave the game too. it is not that I don’t love the game anymore
Instead, there is no more fun left in this game.
I really hope that Ludia can find a way to save this sinking boat before its end.

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They have to keep that carrot fresh man, maybe even replace the stick also from time to time.