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Ludia has Hit a New Low

So, what can we say about the 2.9 update?

  • No good optimisation was done to the game, still has decade old bugs (its not decade old but it sure feels like it)
  • No real Balancing was done
  • No boost reset, aka, not listening to the player
  • And the biggest Spit in your face its the Login issue that Me and (most likely) THOUSANDS of people, new people aswell, are witnessing right now and can’t log in, even after 4 days
  • No real testing was done, the abomination monster that is Hadros Lux and many other Resilients is scary.

Even the community has done more stuff to help the unfortunate ones than ludia did.

Please let this message be heard.
Ludia has hit a new low.


The game has also become noticeably harder on your battery. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out some older phone are struggling to even open the game


I login in my game fine but my friends can’t go on it too like 2:00 pm. The snake got a small buff and Thor I don’t know so it’s bad and good.

My crashing issue (repeated freeze/crashes on load) is also back. It had stopped on July 9, but as of today it’s back with a fury. Just had four crashes in a row trying to load the game.

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Yeah, my phone (which is an older iPhone, 6 I think?) always seems to have trouble when I play. It gets super hot and will go from 100% to 50% in 5 minutes.


Don’t be surprised if they do test each creature, as there are almost 300 creatures in the game, and they rely more on complaints from some players, before you can test them all.