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Ludia has only 1 way to salvage boosts fiasco amongst 14,000,605 possibilities!

Dr. Strange advised me to post this :innocent::innocent:

Heart of the matter:

Higher card players are complaining that lower/mid card players are overwhelming them after the introduction of boost… Some did take advantage of the boost glitch and really buffed their Dino , I faced a Level 27 Thor with 180 some speed and 2600 attack. I have Thor at level 29 with 2200 attack and 145 speed, I got my a&& handed to me by that monster.

Only way I see a fix to this:

You cannot reverse the boost that people have purchased (even in glitch), they have paid real money to acquire it and there would be an uproar of refunds.

My solution would be to make boosts insanely cheap for everyone to avail, this way higher card players can max out their Dino’s on boost and won’t be overwhelmed by mid/lower carders, lower/mid carders get to retain their boost which will mitigate the influx of refunds if there were to be one. Ludia can still make a bit of money through this model.

All in all majority will be at peace and it could restore parity in Arena.

Let me know your thoughts on same.

Or just make the boosts less effective,
Reduce them all for everyone.


I had a suggestion that you could only use a certain amount of boosts per Dino instead of per stat. Idk if that would be good tho.

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Can’t really do that, people will still ask for refunds. They paid for a specific thing and if ludia nerfs it then they will become liable to pay.

Not totally. They bought the bucks, not the boosts, it’s up to the people on what to spend it on.

Agreed, but they had to pay for them bucks, hence could create a lot of chaos.

But the same arguement could be made for people who bought incubators then the dino inside gets nerfed?

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Well people will get over it, they got over the Stegodeus nerf after they spent lots of bucks and coin on him.


That Is what Ludia would be hoping for, but this time it’s different. Majority have been struck by this calamity and there has been a surge in VIP cancellations due to this. They really cannot afford to take things lightly

Arnt most of the people who cancelled their vip the victims of this boost nightmare?

If anything I would think it would bring those people back

If people would have paid money to buy the Dino then they would have asked for refunds.

That’s flawed logic.

That cannot relate to the current situation because as of right now, they did NOT directly buy the boosts. So therefore they cannot get a refund from the boosts.

When you buy something that’s brand new and OP in a game, you need to have the knowledge that it may get nerfed in the future.

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Exactly that

There was no way to directly buy the boost, it had to be routed through the Cash channel.
If people had a way to directly buy and still opt to take the cash route then it would have been a different scenario altogether.
But if someone buys in-game cash to buy boost and that’s the only way then they are entitled for refund.

Oh so now your changing sides by repeating exactly what I just said?

But if i buy hc to buy a sino incubator and sino gets nerfed i cant get a refund…

How Ami changing sides?