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Ludia has only 1 way to salvage boosts fiasco amongst 14,000,605 possibilities!


The solution is simple for this whole boosts thing. All they have to do is readajust the speed to follow the pattern they have laid out since day 1. Done. Problem solved


There is one simple solution that nobody talks about and that is reducing the amount of the boosts, instead of max speed 100 boost have a max speed 20 boosts, the same goes for the other two, problem freaking solved, I don’t understand what is making them think so long about it…


How would that work. Different levels for different rarities? or just starts at a certain level for every 1


So… We have to give the boosts to Thanos?


Yes all 6 infinity boosts

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Nah just giving him the Time boost is required.

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That is a “Strange” suggestion :yum:

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