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Ludia has stolen my upgrades

I am so disappointed in this game now! It used to be a fun game with ways to win and grow your clan. But not now! I had worked and saved for the upgrades that were available! I was building and having fun with some wins to some losses at a pretty even match, and now with these downgraded stats and no way to win a battle, and the ridiculous boost limitations to dinosaurs level and the cost per boost is really dumb! I believe it is time to say goodbye to any game or product that Ludia puts out! I will let as many people as I can, know, the kind of way your people treat the players and steal their game play. To all that keep playing, I say take a lesson from a player that has been taken, for all they had worked for! It’s not fun, it’s not fair, and it certainly isn’t the kind of way a company should treat customers! I hope every CEO gets a taste of the crap sandwich they have made of this game.

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Wait until they steal your coins and then tell you that you never had that many coins even though you saw it and then next launch they were gone.

They did it to me with 6000 Hard Cash that disappeared while I was flying in airplane mode over the Pacific Ocean. They claimed I somehow bought a bunch of never seen incubators. Guess someone else benefitted!

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