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Ludia have to know this!

Now the game its much more balanced, its nice BUT I dont feel free to use the dinosaur I want in my team to battle and try new strategies, and I dont feel free because of BOOTS.
The whole game its about battles and HAVING FUN, I only have uniques dinosaurs in my team from 22 to 28 but I want to try with other dinosaurs TO HAVE FUN some legendary (other than phorusaura) or other uniques but I dont feel free to use them because even if they are in a high level they are no competitive because they have no BOOTS, and there is no way that a non boots dinosaur can compite with a full boots dinosaur! IT CAN’T. and that is NOT FUN because you dont have any chance.

it could be better if we can put the boots of one dinosaur to another WITHOUT A PENALTY.

I know… I know… this is a business, but as a business they have to understand that the key its to have a happy customer, In this case a customer having fun.
They are doing a GREAT JOB but there is a point in the game when almost everyone feel that awkward situations when you CANT use the dinosaur you want because its not competitive for the lack of boots.

It feel like a year and half before when you reached legendary dinosaurs and you just stop playing because was almost imposible to have uniques dinosaurs.

If they take away penalties their boots incomes will decrese because we will only be able to use 240 boots in total and our pool can go MAX to 480 boots.

those incomes will decrease but more people will be happier, they wont leave the game, they will invite more people to join and that could be an increse of VIP subscribers.

If they want a source of incomes without affect anyone, they should sell different dinosaurs colors as Skins, the kids will ask to their parents to buy the skin who like them. Even me if I see a tryko red and dark I will absolute buy it.



Oh my, my dinos got no boots! :grinning:

I get that your saying boosts, but its funny thinking about it being boots. But a system of no penalties for changing boosts…I dunno about that. Every match then would just be full boosts. I am not a fan of that. I am not a fan of boosts at all, but having some boosted dinos sounds better than always playing nothing but boosted dinos. It does suck that they get locked in to the specific creature, but to me that becomes part of the strategy. My strategy is don’t boost. Play the game and find my ranking without boosts. Build up the dinos and then once entering the end game (assuming I make it that far) boost them.