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Ludia, have you gone bonkers?

I recently spent about 16,000 runes to obtain a copy of The Antiquarian Accumulator in the Elite Draft Box.

Today I see these two offers:

First of all, do you see a problem? The cheaper ad gives 3 copies while the more expensive ad only gives 2 copies.

Second of all, this is not fair at all to the people that spent runes in the Elite Draft.


I agreed wholeheartedly… I’m really really annoyed right now… its like saying here spend 150 or you won’t get your full dragon in your face…

Isn’t that a little cruel? So, we’ve already spent a lot of runes to get copies. And your request is 15,000 jokes? !!

15,000 really joke for the last copy?

I gave up the copy I bought, I am not getting the last copy, and this game started to get very nervous.

at least you can give it a chance to win the final copy through breeding. He was upset. I understand my friends who deleted the game better now

Hey CaptWacky, the offers should have been corrected now. Thank you for bringing this up to us!

I apologize for the confusion.

So are you telling me that the only way to get the 3rd copy is to buy this bundle after I have spent 10,800 in the draft? I’m fell like I’m playing my SWGOH game again the way CG sticks it to the players in that game & leave us no choice but to spend money after we’ve spent on a character already. Not impressed in the slightest



There are two problems.

The first being that the Ad was initially wrong, but has since been fixed.

The second problem is the bigger one. Doesn’t anyone at Ludia understand the relative value of this dragon?

The Antiquarian Accumulator is not worth 30,000 runes.

I have already spent 16,000 runes on the Elite Draft box, there is no way that I am going to spend another 15,000 runes to get the third copy.

For an “Elite” dragon The Antiquarian Accumulator sucks. The Slow Spirit Speed ranks it less useful than several other dragons.

So charging 30,000 runes is a complete rip-off!


I regret getting a copy. i never get the last copy! Robbery and cruelty, and I agree, not worth it for this dragon anyway.
a much better power and much more features of an elite dragon Must be

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you mean you deleted the cheaper version?

The offer is a bad joke. Just give us the Elite dor a fai price without all that other stuff.

The elite box was unfair and expansive (many paid 16k to get it) but that is a realy bad joke

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That was the first an the last time for me using a draft box for a new dragon. I got my last copy, but this way was not OK. I spended nearly 11000 runes for the draft-box and now I could get two copies for 20000 runes… I need only one and so I have to pay nearly 6000 runes more…
Not amused. Absolutely not :expressionless:


I totally agree they keeped the 3rd copy a big secret till the last minute to get people to spend in the draft then post the bundles is BS I would have rather buy bundle instead of draft. People where asking for days on how to get 3rd copy but all we heard were crickets not a word. Very disappointed in the communication & lack of respect for the community