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Ludia help Erlikospyx please!

Ludia please consider making erlikospyx atleast 50% speed resistant. Its one of my favorite dinos to use and only seems fair for 2 reasons. 1) The spinonyx in its dna is 100% speed resistant. 2) Erlidom is 50% so its only fair that Erlikospyx is 50%. Whether its a great dino can be argued either way. I just like using it in raids and arena. Please help!


sry what?
Erlikospyx got a buff and you ask for the next buff really?
Sry i dont understand it, erlikospyx can counter every resilent rampage and impact with his instant distraction.

Sure but we can create the next Op dino :crazy_face:

You do realize that resilent moves cleanse distraction and slow. Erlikospyx has no chance against resilent creatures. And adding 50% speed resistance isnt a buff. Its a fix. Shoulda had it to begin with like erlidom

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I mean, It is now a cunning creature. Its original role was tank buster, but now its distraction. However, I do think it should go back to tank busting.

yeah you use instant distraction when Tryko is faster than erlikospyx, that tryko dont do dmg in the next round

That’s assuming trkyo doesn’t have resilient impact ready, if it does then it cleanses the instant distract and slow spyx down.