Ludia, here’s an idea:

Release the patch notes for 1.8… now.

We know you have it made already, and we’ll be much happier waiting out these 2 weeks if we know what’s going to happen in 1.8… (assuming the next season will start july 1st, and patch would have to drop before that…)

1.7 was and sort of is a mess, so releasing the patch notes ASAP seems like a good idea to possibly bring us some hope and positive expectation of what is to come in 1.8…

You’ve been awfully quiet and the teaser for a few creatures hasn’t created enough hype and hope for 1.8.
If anyone goes through a few threads I’ve made you’ll notice that while we are indeed happy about new hybrids and all, everyone seems worried (I even asked people to share their thoughts and worries on one of the threads, so you didn’t even need to have the trouble of doing that yourself, Ludia…) about recurring problems and new ones that may come with 1.8, so bringing some light as to what will happen in 1.8 would only benefit your relationship (which isn’t at the best of terms at the moment…) with us, your customers and supporters…

Just an idea and perhaps some food for thought on this fine monday morning. :slight_smile:

@Ludia_Developers @John @J.C @Sara @Ren @Marcus (if anybody remembers other admins and such feel free to tag em :sweat_smile: )

Hope everyone has a good start to this week! :slight_smile:


Let them take their time. I want them to make sure the release isn’t rushed and as many bugs as possible are flattened and things are properly balanced and tested. If that means a 1 or 2 week later release, that’s fine with me. You saw what happened with the last rushed release.
And it’s pointless to release patch notes 2+ weeks in advance. People will become impatient because of their curiosity and then the release will be rushed to make people happy. Last time that backfired.

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@Tielenaar Hmm, at no point did I ask for an earlier release of the patch itself… and I don’t believe people would get impatient, if the patch notes present good things, people would get excited and have a sense of hope again, and that’s what everyone needs the most right now.

The actual patch needs to be released whenever they have everything ready to go, there is no rush for that… but the patch NOTES would be gladly welcomed if released now :slight_smile:

It would also allow for us to prepare a bit more and possibly go hunt for specific dinos that will come out, and that would only result in people playing more and possibly paying more for scents and whatnot lol so it’s a win win situation…

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I stack up my scents so I can use them after the patch, because usually there’s migrations and new dinos to collect.
But yeah, I wouldn’t mind patch notes. As long as the patch won’t be rushed because of it.

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@Tielenaar that’s also a good plan! :sweat_smile:
And yup, I hope they fix at least most of the bugs before releasing the actual patch…

Surely they must have learned something from the experience everyone had with the last release :face_with_hand_over_mouth::rofl:

The issue with that is people get antsy if the update takes two weeks to come out like it previously did. I’d love to see the notes now, but last time they released them earlier there was a ton of backlash because the update “took too long to come out” afterward.

There truly is no winning, but we have seen this thread, so that’s something!


Agree 100%. There is no appeasing the masses. You lay the cards out and then run out of the room to save yourself. But most are correct, release the notes and let everyone digest what’s coming whether it be good or bad.

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@J.C Yes, it is something! I know you’re all working to make everything better, it was just a suggestion in good spirits, no offensive intentions :slight_smile:
But I understand, there really is no way to please everyone. :sweat_smile:

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No offense was taken, just trying to be cheeky (that’s still something the kids say right?)


I know Mollie Sugden used to say that back in the 70’s on the British comedy, “Are you being served” but not sure about today. :smirk:

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@J.C okay, good! :grin: (and I’m not sure what they’re saying nowadays, but makes sense to me :man_shrugging::joy:)

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Still said in Australia for sure.


Not only is it still said, but the action is still done, my son is a testament to that haha