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Ludia how did you not see these issues in testing?

Seriously Ludia this patch is by far the most broken garbage you have even thrown out, let me note the issues:

  1. Arena is completly unplayable with 8/10 matches not even starting because is hangs at “Waiting for opponent”. And even if you DO manage to get in, it just times out mid match and you lose a ton of trophies!
  2. Win a match and get 3 trophies, lose a match (even via timeout mid match) and lose 50! How are we supposed to progress at all?
  3. Darting is just completly ruined, lord knows why you replaced the old PERFECTLY FUNCTIONAL system. Seriously how did your internal testers pass this as functional!
    Right before patch launch I darted a Tarbo for over 400, with new darting im getting 177-230.
    Is it your intenrtion to make DNA collecting so horrible that you force players to pay for ripoff incubators? which btw I will NEVER do!
  4. Game crashes WAY more often then before!
    Pre-Downgrade (lets face it, this IS a downgrade patch) my game would crash maybe once or twice a week…first day of patch it crashed NINE, yes 9 times! Doesnt matter what ur doing, darting, battling (if you can keep or get a match going), just swapping your team around, doesnt matter, random crash!

Now sure some of the new dinosaurs and moves are great, but their not THAT great when taking all these myriad of issues into account!

Just one serious question Ludia:
How on earth did your internal testers NOT see these issues? they are so obvious it makes me wonder if it was even tested at all!
And second, How did your testers pass this patch as functioning?

One last thing, either get rid of the rubbish new darting downgrade, or give us long time players an option or setting to allow us to use the actual GOOD classic darting system. Because reaslly im getting HALF the DNA i would normally get, and im highly considering cancelling VIP until the rubbish darting system is removed, because why pay for VIP to get extra darting time, when the DNA you get is so horrible anyways?

Last night I darted an epic Spinosaur Gen2 which I badly need for the new hybrid, I got 149 DNA…ONE HUNDRED and FOURTY NINE!!! Not even enough for 3 fuses!

Ludia FIX your game or dont release downdates for it, game is horrible now, and no amount of new or pretty dinosaurs will make up for ruining the most crucial of features, DARTING!






Who is to blame? Ludia, or the people screaming for new things to be added instead of you know. Getting the bugs fixed first. Yeah… I would have to say the people that have been screaming for new things. So there is that.

Yeah but whether they fix bugs or cave to community pressure, the patch should at least be tested and proven working before release right?

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