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Ludia, i accidentaly delted my google play games profile to which my jw alive account was linked i have the details of my account can i get it back, please


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Send an email to I believe they work on tickets in the order received, so it may take a little while for them to respond, but they will eventually. Make sure you know what your support key is so it’s easier for them to locate your account in their databases.

Do not post your support key on the forums or anywhere else, just send it in an email along with any other information you can provide them.


I don’t have my support key but a screenshot of all yhe creatures in my collection andthe profile pic, will that do ?

Your username and # should be enough for them to find you. A friend of mine had an issue similar to this a couple months ago, but they got their account back within a couple days.

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U give me hope, pray the same happens with me

Thanks for sending an email, triraprex. Our support team should respond to you as soon as possible!

Can you please help me get my account back fast or else i will miss today’s rare and Saturday’s epic events

it same thing happen with me please friend help me please help me . :sob: :sob: :sob:

sir my google play game account get deleted by my mistake :sob: :sob: :sob: and my jw alive account also get lost . :pleading_face: :pleading_face: tell me a solution .i want to get my account again . :pleading_face: :pleading_face: :pleading_face: help me

Davy i didn’t receive the email yet ? I will miss some darting opportunities. I know ludia is good at handling things like these, please

brother can i get my previous account from new account supporting key . because i do not have previous account supporting key but i have my username of privous account or my strick team pics .

It can sometimes take a few business days before our team responds depending on ticket volume, @triraprex. Thank you for your patience!

I recommend contacting our team at, @gauravbudhwar123. They will do what they can to retrieve your account. Thanks!

sir can i provide my email id to them or username of previous account .

Yes you can, gauravbudhwar123. Please provide as much information as possible even if you don’t know the support key. Thanks!

account id refers to which thing in game ? is it username in game with # and 4 number ?

They need the support key @gauravbudhwar123

If you’ve lost your account and didn’t write the support key down when you had it then it may take them longer.

i have my username of previous account then how much time they take to find it ? can you tell me

I’m pretty sure you can get your support key by going to your settings, then scrolling down to Jurassic world alive clicking on it and then at the bottom it displays your support key, I don’t know if it works with the account deleted, but try anyway. Hope this somehow helps

When I lost mine it took about 4 or five days I’m afraid @gauravbudhwar123

whats happen in your case please tell me. and does you get your account again or does they send any information when my account get right .please tell me brother because it took a loot of time to reach level 11 . i am much warried about it .
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