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Ludia I cant log back in

I was about to do a haast raid and it automatically logged me out and now I cant even log back in. I tried uninstalling the game and it still broke.

I press Google play and it doesnt bring up the original google play menu.

@ned is there a way to fix this

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Iā€™m sorry to hear that, Stygionyx1. Please consider emailing our team at so they can look into it further and assist. Thanks!

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I sent them an email

believe me @Stygionyx1 i lost me account once and just took half of a year to get it back i missed ALOT of great events sooooooooo

I solved my issue. I had to restart the device


I have a problem with my account. I mean i lost one. I was level 15 and almost had an unique, so if you can help i would be grateful