Ludia, I haven't noticed a Gold Showcase Incubator all week, only the blue

Was wondering if there was going to be a Epic Showcase Incubator for sale, was relying on some Erlik dna… Please help?

Usually there is only one showcase each week where the incubator guarantees 200 epic dna from a specific dino. This week we saw that with the Pyro one. I believe that is why there wasn’t one with Erliko.

O.k. thank you for the reply. :cry:

Don’t worry you’ll get it soon enough if you put Erlik in sanctuary.

When Erlik was the daily mission reward, they changed it to a different dino when I was 100 away from unlocking Erlidom. All I needed was one more day of daily missions, but my luck was out.

Then when 1.8 released and introduced Sanctuaries I quickly managed to get the remaining 100 dna, then unlocked Erlidom, and thanks to this week now have it at 22.

So your time will come soon, just use sanctuaries until you get it.