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Ludia, i hope in 2.1 Simonemys make a benefit

ok, many will realize that I put a lot of emphasis on this creature, previously creating threads of how to benefit it, rework it and others.
because the damage was lowered, it doesn’t make sense … when she got DSD and immunity to speed reduction you could see the love in her,
it was so good and balanced at 1.14 … it seems like every creature that fuse off with a turtle is destined to take 1k damage

As a bonus: smilodon didn’t have a single change from 1.14 to 2.0

I would like Ludia to listen to people who ask for a benefit, maybe not the way people want it, but to see a viable way to give a benefit to the beast


Sadly,i know what some people will tell you:
-This creature is made of 3 global spawn,no need to buff because it is easy to create so it have to be bad :slight_smile:
Yeah,you know,this kind of argumment which justify the destruction of the game’s balance.

So,i don’t know what to tell you.
I have never liked it ,and i think the immunity even of this monster clearly started the immune meta’s mess.

but a little love would not hurt, directly monolo has more love than her and is also global.
I just hope they give it love without polishing or breaking it :worried:

Her only problem is the current meta.
I explain myself,she rely on a game to make the opponent crazy between shield,dodge and distraction.
And actually ,resilient destroy 2/3 of his interesting kit :slight_smile:
So ,i know one thing,she don’t need a buff.
The game need a rework

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She deserves an attack buff, she is made up of 3 epics. So what if they’re global. That’s still harder to get than some dinos with commons and rare that aren’t global.

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not a rework as such, but since the arena is full of shields and armor, giving it a damage benefit wouldn’t hurt it.

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in my mind is this: “it doesn’t matter if it is global, it matters how good the creature is”

that makes more sense but ludia doesn’t think so. sometimes they just don’t get their own game.

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