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Ludia.... I’m THIS CLOSE!

Okay what the raptor is this no actually why the heck man I had just killed his second Dino and it’s end the match and it said I lost what the DuckTales man I was winning my thylo I had 11 hp and had killed his indo, had two full health dinos left tryko and indo this is crap I get

I had went down to 4937 but then when I went back

Not only that it dropped even more and it didn’t count indo as a kill and only gave me one! ONE!!
And this not the first time oh no
This happened before after killing his last Dino with magan

Also don’t say well contact our customer services cause I did and you guys answered a MONTH LATER just get ur priorities straight and fix ur game.

(Ps - I’m sorry for showing the names but they shouldn’t have gotten those and ludia needs to fix it)

How about you guys had this happened to you

  • Yes it happened
  • No it’s not

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Yes I had a couple of games that abruptly ended with opponent winning and I dropped in trophies twice


I had matches randomly ending and resulting in my loss as well, and this way months ago.

They really need to stop adding random rubbish “shinnies” to the game and start fixing bugs. I know its more profitable to just leave the game a total dumpster fire of a buggy mess and just sell boosts, but that doesn’t make it any better for the players lol

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This has actually been around forever… some connection issue occurs and the game engine has a stroke. Used to be we could force close the game and restart it and get back into the match the game had just told us we had lost. Now with the replay nonsense they felt the need to add so in the near future people can relive the good times of 3-0 a team with their boosted dinos. By time you get back into the match youve likely lost 2-3 turns and probaly the match.


Sounds like the kind of rubbish “good idea” Lydia would add to the game.

Did anyone even request replays? lol, I never seen a thread asking for them, but I may have missed it.


Hey ludia ya like to actually fix something for once can you fix this pls

Never seen it requested before boosts game was to rng to make for good watch ability.

Now you need games are either decided by boosts or rng… lol.

Maybe you can pay some hardcash and get a clip of your most dominant matches show you can show your friends how awesome you are at this game.


Has happened to me many times. The game would autokill my dinos before I even had a chance to use them. Which in turn give my opponent the victory and me losing 30 something trophies


I’ve had similar, but it was almost definitely due to connection issues.
Once the match didn’t even load, and I was stuck on the countdown screen till it went to zero, and stayed there. So I reloaded and got the losing screen, but turns out I had taken down 1 opponent dino (haven’t had that issue in a long time). So I checked my DBI to see if it was counted. It wasn’t.

Then after my next match (which I won) I had 4 registered takedowns, so it did count in the end.

This has happened to me, and luckily I recorded it the moment it happened!

I think this is due to low working memory on phone. Happened me few times, but only after long battling sessions. Phone slowed down, connection issues started and then you lost few times too.
I believe this is not a bug that they could solve. Though it would help reduce it if game wouldn’t be so heavy.

Haven’t had this happen in months, used to happen on my S7.
I am running an S9+, what I experience now is slightly different, I have a good connection, there is no lag, the game just goes into auto battle mode showing creatures battle that aren’t in my lineup, they die and keep fighting. There is no notification of “catching up” or bad connection (I’ve only seen bad connection warning once when I really did have a bad connection on wireless network). Then it announces I’ve won.
Has happened about five times.

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It’s been an off and on issue with the game but today I can’t play. Three times in a row I have automatically lost the battle mid battle (which yes doesn’t make you lose trophies) except when it reconnects and tosses you back in the game with no way to win bc you’ve missed your moves.
I’m so excited to have lost 80+ trophies bc of this glitch.

Not reporting it to ludia bc I’m not going to get my trophies back. But anyone else having this extreme of an issue?

Oh and I’m at home connected to WiFi (reliable) on an iPhone XS.

Just asking if anyone else has had this constant issue as of late. Back to back battles not one battle every so often but every battle.

I’ve had it happen in my favor and against me a couple times. I won after 2 kills. I lost after they got 2 kills.

I would be completely surprised if this stuff didn’t happen considering we are playing opponents halfway around the world and need instantaneous connectivity to their servers in Canada.

Don’t know why anyone would get so worked up about it. After all, for every time it happens to us it probably has also occurred where we were the beneficiary.

Besides, trophy counts are ridiculous. It’s the engine that creates the desire to spend money. For more trophies. Really?

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But still if there issues on both side the game should be like well none of you win draw since you can’t play instead it favors one or the other

I was about to get into jurassic ruins when it happened, I had to spent extra weeks reaching it afterward

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You can’t just make it a draw when there are issues or else people will disconnect WiFi or LTD when losing.

And if it took you weeks to get to Jurassic Ruins after a connectivity issue, then you probably got close to Ruins because you won a ton of matches when your opponents connection failed.

I get what your saying and all… but at the same time i play opponents from all over the globe in alot of different games on my phone… let alone other gaming devices.

None of them come even remotely close to this game for its garbage performance with this kind of stuff.

I have early axcess titles on my phone that lets me play people from all over the world without ever having the issues this game does.