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Ludia if u have a head

Ludia, if you have a head, think about it. Many people want Arenaquest to disappear. Arena is a game of only the top 50 players, and many users want to quest for the Arena to disappear Please think about it. Don’t be selfish. Ninety percent of the users will agree to lightening without Arenaquest.

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The quest for the Arena didn’t exist before the Arena update so…by not utilizing it, you’re not actually losing out on anything from before the update.

It’s really just extra. I play the Arena very, very rarely, and I just ignore it most of the time.

Lol what? You dont have to play the arena

That was my point of view before the update, too. Now duty rewards were cut back to 3 instead of 5 energy due to Arena - so at this point, people will start to lose immense amounts of energy compared to gameplay before Arena if they don‘t play it.


The whole cut back to 3 is just one more irritation. The reasoning to the cutback was due to the arena,which it seems most dont rarely even participate except for the top 200. With the Badlands costing 10 energy a battle,trying to do some daily quests,there was barely enough energy before the cutback. This game Is sometimes just laughable. Cause you have to laugh at it because a game should not be irritating to play. All the bugs going on that cost us points,streaks,Alpha energy, you name it. The updates every 2 to 4 weeks that just seem to tweak the bugs,but mostly to change something in the game. What other game has anyone ever played that this stuff goes on? Changing dragons abilities after players have spent time and some of us money on leveling them up,trying to put that perfect team together. Then to have dev’s just switch it up. Doing things on the fly. Taking away 2 extra energy from duty rewards because the top players in arena can afford to buy them there? Or to try and force people to play more in the arena,where half the Vikings cant even put together a 5 battle win streak. I like the concept of this game,the part of trying to acquire different dragons,build them up and try to make that “perfect” team. Having to get all the different resources it takes, the time to get them, I find fun in that. The game play though is very inconsistent and these frequent updates, which to me are very big changes in an ongoing game is lame. I feel a cut back in energy is trying to force, or just get more players involved in arena. Good luck with that. Just my opinion shared in a long rant :slight_smile:

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No, you make a good point. I don’t know if I wrote this before or after the patch notes? Or before I read them or simply didn’t register them, but nonetheless I agree with what you’re saying. An Arena game mode should be optional- as in, completely. A separate entity that adds extras should one want to play it, but no one is punished if they don’t.

I’m probably biased in that mindset, considering I’ve never been big on arenas, though. I only play this one for Glaivedriver, and even though I got all the TP for him last season, I’ve lost a lot of drive this go-round. I think I’ve only gotten 30-40? And it’s really just from lack of trying.

Going off on a tangent there, but my point is that, as with the rest of the game, they shouldn’t be punishing the players if they choose not to utilize a feature. It’s one thing to just not have access to new features, because, you know…they would just be extras one didn’t have before. If you want them, you’ll have to bite the bullet. But don’t take away what we already had.