Ludia, if you read this, please make this happen

  1. Parasaurolophus Gen2 [Rare] *look like the exact one from every JP film it appeared on. JWA Parasaurolophus looks nothing like from the movies

  1. Stegosaurus Gen2 [Rare] *look just like from TLW: JP

  1. Giganotosaurus [Epic] *look just like from JWE

  1. Metriacanthosaurus [Epic] *look like the Metriacanthosaurus from the David Davis photo in Google images, go search it up

  1. Herrerasaurus [Rare] *look just like the Herrerasaurus from the the XBOX 360 game, “Jurassic Park: The Game”

  1. Deinonychus [Epic] *no feathers, look similar to the 80s description

  1. Therizinosaurus [Epic] *no feathers

  1. Sauroposeidon [Epic]

  1. Supersaurus [Epic]

  1. Plateosaurus [Epic]

  1. Tyrannotitan [Rare]

  1. Pteranodon Gen2 [Rare] *toothy beak from JP3

  1. Albertosaurus [Epic]

  1. Yutyrannus [Rare] *fuzzy feathers

  1. Ceratosaurus [Rare] *look just like from JP3

More Suggestions:

-Suchomimus redesign

-Spinosaurus Gen1 and 2 redesign

-Dilophosaurus Gen1 and 2 redesign

-Slight redesign on Indominus

-Slight redesign on Postosuchus

-Redesign on Purrolyth’s hands and feet

-Have Iguanodon’s hands be bigger

-Fix the tiny white dots on Marsupial Lion

“If Ludia reads this, please make this happen for the next update!”

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Did this really need to be posted in three different threads?


Why do the Dilos need a redesign? Also Theri without feathers would look weird cause Erliko and Deino already have feathers


Therizino should be Rare,Because Erliko is Epic…

Honestly,Spino and Dilo do not Need redesing And Sucho has had redesigned

If one day i had Alberto,i would like It to be commom…