Ludia if you see this, make up your mind!

I don’t know if I’m the only one (I hope not) that is upset about Ludia changing constantly some of the features in the game. What does this means? I’m talking about the three step boost strike. First, Ludia added it as an April’s Fool’s exclusive feature, thing that I understand. But after the comunity asked it, they added it back to the game. But recently I found that Ludia removed it again, so Ludia, if you read this, make up your mind!, is it a three step strike or a one step strike?
And it’s not just the boost strike, is also the daily missions rewards. It has always been 100 DNA maximum, but for some reason I don’t know, they raised it to 400 maximum, but they removed it a couple of days later. Then they added it again, and again, they removed it a week later. So, in summary,

Maake up your mind Ludia!

The daily dna issue was a coding error in the last update, it ran for a couple of days, they corrected it but only for weekdays so we got another bonus 600 dna over that weekend till that too was fixed. Not something to complain about, enjoy the extra free dna.
Ive been playing 10mths now, and certainly throughout that time there have regularly been multistep strike towers, ranging from the standard 3 up to the occasional 8/9/10 for specific events (i expect we’ll see such a tower at some point over the anniversary events). Again, i dont see your issue here. If youre of a level that these towers are typically ‘bread and butter’ then you get additional resources at each step, if youre not then you pick up some resources where otherwise you would get non on a single step tower. Wheres the negative??