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Ludia! If you want my money.. Bring back the Trainer Bundles!

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one buying them, why would you take away something that was making you money? :angry::angry::angry::angry:


I think what ticked off a lot of alliances was that it was taken as a norm like the daily boost sales.
Peeps were prepping building L20 Sancs specifically for it.

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The little trainer bundle was the norm, now it’s not. I wonder how many people paid for the coin sales compared to the trainer bundles… (not that I’m complaining about the coin sales, it’s just that they could have had at least had both of them.)

I’m that upset I can’t even spell properly… :joy:

i sure was excited to buy more epic bundles. my alliance was starting up a sanc for the deer unique components. then i just didn’t happen.


I’m sorry to hear that Qiew, I feel your pain. (See what you’ve done Ludia!! Poor Qiew’s alliance has to miss out on Testa now…)

I think Ludia wanted to reset sanctuaries that built for FIP sales last week. They were already level 20 and filled with Mammoth and Diplo. Now if they sale FIP bundles again this week those sanctuaries will be resetted and we will have to level them up with FIP bundles and gain less DNA. That way they will sell more FIP bundles in the long term

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funny how this is the only thing they sell that is under $4.99… but still great bundle and since it’s actually worth the price more will buy.

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