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Ludia, im actually proud!

Thank you so much ludia, you have brought both requested and non requested stuff that we love!

First off: Boost reshuffle!
I have no idea what this is but hope you guys like it!

A new Apex!

Finally! A new Apex! It seems like this is a dilophosaur like Apex, Which would be really nice! However, that outnumbers the amount of herbivore apex, maybe make a rat or an ankylosaur apex?

Third: BUMPY!
Yes you herd that right! Were getting the one, the only, BUMPY! And maybe You can add Toro, ludia!

Last but greatest, COMPIESSSSSSSSS!

Were getting compies and its the coolest thing ever! They basically have three lives, and even different new special attacks! Plus we have a gen 2, hybrids, And DODOS!!!


I agree great update


@anon6942716 would it be against the forum’s rules to post a raid strategy for refrenantom which ludia has not provided us the raid moveset for, because it has been leaked and I have made a strategy that works for it. The strategy could be adjusted when we know the minions

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Well as long as it helps people ludia will accept.

I think only universal Suspend you if you shared something that hasnt came yet.

ok so Ill wait on it. maybe two days before Ill put the potential strat, although it would be hard to know the minions and if they are high hp, one gemini @28 might not be enough to take them out

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It would be nice they will ad rexy next update… then it’s perfect!

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OooooooH yeah!

Ans maybe the three baryonyx’s?

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Would be nice… and those raptors of jurassic park, the lost world and jurassic park 3…

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