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Ludia increase the number of green towers


This week featured dinos are awesome but green towers around are less in number. With many options of epic Dino and less green tower I can’t find the Dino I’m looking for i.e. erliko
Ludia do something about it


Same for me !


It’s the usual pattern: the better the event dinos A) the fewer event drops will spawn and B) of the event spawns, the dino you need most will spawn least. I just hope I can find 5 Trykos in 24 hours.


I hope that too. I guess in that case I’ve to dart whatever spawn :frowning:


Yh its a bugger i still need another 13 more kentro. I will hunt all day for the 5 tryko attempts but atleast you get a 2hr cool down on the uniques you get 6hrs for the epic


I think my dream of creating erildom is shattered with this cheap trick played by … :expressionless: I hope I’ll get enough tryko spawn.


They should have lowered the spawn rate also


You will have 12 attemots on a single suply drop so if you hunt you will surely find 5 tryko


true but I think even a Pirate has to sleep right? :smiley:


Haha i will be out all day if i have to

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good luck out there :slight_smile: get rich or die try(ko)ing :smiley:


Oh i like that one i need to go out tomorrow and sunday morning in the uk to try gather the kentro aswell haha might dart and anky or 2 aswell

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hope you will have nice weather for the event :slight_smile: luckily I managed to finish the epic event by now (3 anky + 15 kentro so totally ready for tryko :P)


Lmao. now I start darting anky, kentro and sino. Something is better than nothing :roll_eyes:


well you should get a lot of anky from the daily missions reward so you are getting closer to unlocking or levelling up tryko every day


It has been realy windy here so hope that goes away for next couple of days then it can do what it wants then and for god sake best not rain sunday monday

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May the RNG be with you!


Been rubbish recently so heres hoping