Ludia is herding us


I feel like a sheeple being herded into my present position! As soon as I get close to Ruins I begin loosing and I get so close I can see the building 10 feet from me!

3980 is my highest and bam RNG and matching goes out the window! I will drop to 3850 and sometimes lower and bam I will start winning and climb back up only to be herded back!

BAAAAAA!!! (FYI that is my sheep :sheep: impersonation :joy:)


Last night i was at 3800 only to loose 12 in a row and not get my Stegodues a single time in that run. All trying to just get 1 incubator. In the morning I won 1 then lost 4, then won two. Lunch lost 5 won 4. That’s pretty much how it’s been each day since reset. If I go up against dinos only a level or two higher I have a chance, but when its full legendary teams with lvls 3-5 higher it’s not much fun.


Every time I win I figure it was against another fellow player getting too close to Ruins! Especially when I am 2-3 wins from Ruins!


Maybe as 500th is 4080 trophies it gets more competitive there. Or we need to wear tin foil hats and avoid fluorine at all costs. One of them.

Im bobbing up and down but its slowly going up. Almost 2 weeks left. 4000 plus still on the cards.


I feel the same in limbo had a win that gave me a pathetic 11 trophies to put me at 3999(second time this has happened) followed by 4 Indo raptor teams. Guess I’m not meant to be in ruins oh well


First time I got to Jurassic Ruins weeks ago I felt it wouldn’t last but it did until reset.

Still feel it won’t last. Guess if we go up down just got to be lucky be at 4000 when it ends.


i’m at 4300… sad to say, the RNG doesn’t stop once you get over 4000 either.

i feel like every game comes down to dino with dodge vs dino with dodge and whoever’s the CPU decides works get the W.


Honestly Ive begun to wonder myself about this because Im getting the same thing. I get right to the edge of ruins and boom… Game after game of stuns failing and getting stunned by minstun.


i feel the RNG works against you at this level. my indo rex has cloak fail every time. then i got stunned everytime. its happens like this every time i get close to arena 8


I’m only at 3700 and fought a bunch of unique dinos and the person was like 400 trophies higher than me, talk about insane match ups. They need to keep it within 100 or 150 of your trophy count when they match u up.


This maybe evidence of the setup for herding. All but one of my recent 30 opponents (I played 2 twice each) is now below me in trophies. Imagine if that flips to all but 1 are higher how far I will crash and burn.


Been stuck in lockdown for so long, I’ve been out in the marsh’s a little bit, but then I keep getting knocked down back into lock down once I get a long enough taste. It’s been very frustrating to get so many wins and then suddenly loose the majority of the time. Not sure if it’s LIndia, or just spoofers causing it :thinking:.
Either or it’s been very frustrating :sob:


No fun predicting the future. All but 3 recent opponents are now above me. Up down.