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Ludia is making a step in the wrong direction


Why do you give us this week for featured creatures and the immune strikes? Why are you pushing players away… It honestly doesn’t make sense. The immune week for strike events is despicable. This better mean that patch notes or something will drop next week or in the coming weeks to make an extremely good comeback for this game.


Some players to Ludia:

(Let’s not forget the several T. rex and sino events we had over such a short time … it’ll all balance out. Just gotta be patient)


It’s annoying, but at the same time I always try to remind myself that I enjoyed the game even when we didn’t have any of these.

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I fully understand that they have given us great weeks… It’s just that this week was kind of hyped up, and gave us nothing…


I was expecting strike towers full of back bitters. I don’t understand why they did the immunity ones.


Why does so much players go mad about everything Ludia is doing? :frowning:


I’m more upset about the stuff they aren’t doing.


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They used to give us strike events that were countered by the creatures of the week… ie immune/cunning… there was rhyme and reason.

This seems to be more along the lines of they have had to many good events and now its time for some stinkers… but in reality the fact that their are entire events with lackluster at best dinos just shows how bad the balance really is. If all dinos were atleast viable… all events would be good and all incubators would be worth buying.


I mean or you could remember that the featured creature weeks were not even intended to be a permanent event that happens. Or that there are people in different stages of the game that may appreciate some of these dinos that other players do not. But trust me, this is one of the worst weeks ever, and I’m not too happy either.


I think its normal to have some not so good weeks after some really great weeks of useful epics and 3 epic towers a week, so we can be happy when we get a good week again. (And lets not forget about the new players who want to collect all dinos at first)
Anyway megalo and raja are quite good ones
We should be glad they dont do weeks with dilo and irritator, or ourano with sino at the same time.


Agree with this. These Dinos may be crucial for ppl just starting. And what we dart now may become relevant in the coming weeks. This game is still fairly new with alot of new features and metas to come. I am really anxious for what the next update may bring. Just hope I’m not kicking myself for darting the wrong dino


Yes me too. Hope my darwinopterus dna collection pays off


I live and work in an L1 so Monday and Tuesday will be above and beyond extra MJ’s and Lythronax. Wed through Fri will be looking to get Mega for my second account and Tupan for the epic vampire bat on both. Saturday and Sunday, Concav for one account, Raja for the other. I’ll make the best of it.


I’d say part of it could be that they can’t even fix the issues with the chat function for the Alliances so expecting them to fix the game itself tends to upset the players. How many times have you had to keep posting something in chat only for it not to post at all or be filtered out because of something stupid.


Yes. I’m a New Player.
I play since 1 Week now, and i’m happy with any Event i propably could do

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Remember how long it takes after release till PoGo get fixed his first big bugs. :wink:

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The immunes I like, the birds I could do without.
I guess Alan has a use, but he’s not on my team.