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Ludia is making bad business decisions

I think ludia is making a bad business decisions for example with the nerfing of coin in strike events

After all ludia is a business, they need to make money, maybe a reason for this is the game isn’t doing well.

But they are doing it wrong and in a way that will cause them to loose players instead and in turn money

They should not nerf it, instead I think they should actually buff it i.e let us get more coins from from incubators

But this is where a smarter business decision for ludia can come in. They can change up how much coin it takes to level up dinos.
I believe it takes approximately1.3 million coins to level up from 1 to 30.
138 000 coin from 1 to 20
And 1.1 million from 20 to 30

I think they should change it up so it is cheaper to level up from 1 to 20 and for expensive from 20 to 30

It should equal that the total amount of coins required to level up is about 20% more

Even though this is similar to the strike event nerf it is a psychological effect, the feeling of earning more that will continue to make the game fun

I hope ludia implements this
It would mean a lot if you all the users of this forum, could support my idea which will increase the chances of ludia implementing this

I would also appreciate it if perhaps a moderator could forward this to ludia as I’m sure the executives, the guys making all the decisions, would have a higher chance of seeing it

They’re counting on people forgetting the coin nerf over time, getting frustrated when they can’t get enough to level the dinos they need for the new content, and forking over real cash to make up the difference. All they have to do is wait.

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You’re underestimating them. For that kind of thing they are competent. Everyone is still excited with the raids and changes in the update. This is the time to act!


We can’t forget every time they nerf something they will do it again
Did you see what happened to bucks inJurrasic World The game
The way I see it my suggestion is a good idea for both the players and ludia

I know nothing about that game actually.

I used to play , at first they had bucks in the game, you could get up to 1000 a card in a legendary pack
Then they nerfed it lower and lower till you could get none at all

This what is happening is similar
With less coin you feel like you are not progressing and just quit

That’s fair, but again, they could just wait for you to get impatient and buy the coins from the shop with hard cash bought with your own money.

The disappointing part about the coin nerf is that they buffed coins a long while ago because it was stupidly difficult to get them. Guess they decided to change their strategy.

That’s sad, even if they think coin is gotten to easy they should not nerf it they should do this
Make the total price of level a dino 20% more but increase coin gotten by 10%

They’re just doing all this wrong

Coins were already a big enough time consuming pain in the behind to get from before…

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Does ludia directly see this or do we have to contact a moderator to forward it to ludia

You could spam their support inbox, but we all know what happens when you try contacting them there…

The coin nerf is a joke. Ludia shouldnt have done it of course but the amount lost is really pathetic compared to what you need anyway.

Ludia’s worse decision is to keep arena the same. Nothing has changed.

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Even though it’s not massive it’s so irritating. Like why would you just randomly reduce coin and not mention it

I wish I could talk to someone who works for ludia

Awful idea.

The mods work for Ludia but they cannot tell the devs what to do. The devs have to listen to the management and those fellas seem rather out of touch with the game and its players.

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Ok thanks, I wish there was like a dev who would reply to all our suggestions and give reasons for doing things in the game
That would show that they care

We all do. Had never happened and never will I am afraid. They have told us that the devs and management don’t like coming here.

I have said this many times. This forum is for yelling into the darkness. It is good therapy, but it will never produce change. And before everyone jumps on me about 2.0…

I like the shakeup (mostly), but do you really think they did this for the forum users? The game was getting stale. They needed to find new ways to produce a profit from it. Honestly, @arugono has got it pretty well nailed in terms of the development of this game and what Ludia finds important.

Yeah I agree with what you all say
I remember I saw one of beavers vids and he said something similar

It’s seems like the devs absolutely love the game but management just treats it like a cold hearted business