Ludia is selling, people are buying! and I have no problem with that

If YOU do, ask yourself why?


I don’t get it @Tuco - a couple of months ago you were all about how you quit spending money on JWA and bought a book - and you encouraged other people to do the same. It was a great thread.

So two months ago you clearly did have a problem with Ludia’s selling model. Now you seem to have changed your tune. Why the sudden turn-around?


Kinda a self righteous post coming from someone who has made multiple topics concerning boosts.

Pot meet Kettle.


Reading the question and then reading the responses confuses me. The question has been taken out of context as I see it. He wasn’t saying he is buying, he was referring to so many complaining about “crutches” and overall losing because many have dinos boosted to the ceiling. He doesn’t have a problem with that at all.
Tuco was a great member of my alliance up until yesterday and I considered him a friend. He uninstalled and left my server in a hot second and I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye :frowning: I won’t mention my view on those that purchase boosts or speed up incubators because it won’t change anything at all. To each their own I guess and will keep playing for the alliance.
@jvpeters @Evicton I strongly feel you both owe him an apology. I rarely post on here and all of us have been playing since the beginning. Too many on this forum are quick to rampage and I will never understand why. This has been bugging me all day so had to share my thoughts.


Before he created this thread he was in this thread

Telling us we were wasting our time and adding nothing to the forum and he was reported it as such to the mods. Then he created this thread so i dont think this messages were taking out of context which is why we brought up his other posts.

It sounds like he had more then one “hot minute”


Thanks @Evicton. Apology for my delayed reply, but trying to stay off the forum more. There are some fishy trolls around, so…

@Kodiakhunter1 - I am truly sorry that Tuco left, and I am not sure what might be going on with him.

Eviction is right. Tuco started the evening by trolling my thread on constant boosts sales. When I told him he could just ignore the thread (as many people do) he said that it was old and tired and that he had reported me to the mods.

He immediately started another thread about how to block threads (meaning mine) that were cluttering up his feed. I like Tuco (from what little I know of him here) so very kindly showed him how he could do that with the mute setting. I was told later by someone who knew him that Tuco already knew this and was apparently just trolling me some more. Disappointing that he started a whole thread for that, but okay. Everyone has their moments, right?

He then started this thread. Which went in opposition to a thread of his from 2 months ago. I know it doesn’t say that he is buying and my reply never said that he was. His entire previous thread, however, was about discouraging people from giving money to Ludia.

I was very kind in my post on this thread in asking him what changed his mind about purchases. I don’t really know Tuco, but have liked his posts and have respected his opinions. I actually thought he would reply as to why he had a change of heart on the matter.

Again, I am sorry that Tuco left your alliance, but it has nothing to do with me.

Afraid that this was a very long post to reach the point that I respectfully disagree with your assessment of the matter and will have to decline your request for an apology to him.


Tuco has always been rather difficult to read.
To this day I have no clue where he stands on well… Anything.


This is disappointing. I respected @tuco & @Rantz. It’s weird he was like this to you @jvpeters, I’ve always seen him as a respectable member of this community.


Thanks @Procerathomonomimus. You know, I just hope he is okay honestly. It was not like him to do this, but perhaps he is going through some things. The last 90 days of my life have been pretty horrible and I totally understand that sometimes people do or say things they might not otherwise when they are under these kinds of conditions.

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Same, the past few months haven’t been great for us too, especially the past 2 weeks. Anyway yeah I know, I get it so much lol. Yeah hopefully he’s ok.

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Tuco was a great battle strategist, a selfless alliance member, and it really is sad if he left because of some comments from forum members. I really hope that wasn’t the case.

@Tuco - if you end up reading this, miss you buddy and hope you decide to re-install the game and add a few forum member blocks instead.


Or maybe it is the game itself? (all from just the last few weeks)

As I have said, Tuco seemed to be someone who was genuinely concerned about the future of this game. It seems clear he was frustrated, like many of us, with the direction the game has been heading, Hope everything is okay with him.


This thread should be closed. @jvpeters you sound genuinely concerned, but taking the time compile the above is perceived as the opposite. It borders on defamation :expressionless:


Thread has run it’s course.