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Ludia is skimming trophies

Since the 1.14 update and the reducing the total alliance championship points needed Ludia has been skimming trophies in the tournament.

That -40 you took, your opponent only gets +20. So 20 trophies go into the void.

You can look at the leaderboards and compare them this month to last month and see its a huge difference. Part of that could be because the rewards are lame, but also mostly because ludia is skimming the trophies.

Why are they doing this?

  1. They just have no clue its happening (most likely)
  2. They are doing it in response to lowering the total points needed. They needed to come up with a method to keep the scores down so they aren’t giving away rewards. (honestly, this could be too advanced thinking for them though).

Will it be fixed?

No. They’ll tell you that the trophy system is calculating properly if you message them or “its being looked into”

But next time you take a -40 vs someone you recognize ask them howmuch they got and guarantee its only 20.


You lose more to way higher ranked people than lower ones now. And for every win vs lower ranks or even ranks a little higher than you is still +20 :thinking:

95% of the games you win will be +20.

If like maybe 1 person who worked there and cared played this game or did any sort of QC they’d see this isn’t correct.


And more often than not I’m the lower rank guy

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Yeah so they made it harder for lower ranks to climb because of this - -40 to a higher rank now instead of -20 - 30

im 160 below my high, so that is 8 straight victories.

At this point I should just give up.

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They should really look into changing this. Forget -40/+20. Just make it a flat rate -30/+30.

Tourney blackhole lol. You lose 2 matches you lose 80 trophies. Now you need to win 4 in a row. You win 2 and then… Uh oh you lose another 40. Then you win 1 and lose 2. Digging yourself deeper xD


My suggestion would be crazy. I don’t know if it is even possible.

But take the mechanism that is actively working in the arena and use it for the tournament. I know its a bold statement to make.

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Jokes on ludia.

I didn’t win any trophies this last tournament for them to try to skim.


Trophys aren’t actually things player own, their just a fancy point system

Trophies have always been a fixed resource. For someone to move up, someone has to move down. The only way to create new trophies to the overall pool is to introduce new players that bring in a new fixed quantity.

This new “skimming” is nothing more than a rake. Since Ludia already preys on gambling addictions, it was only natural that they would introduce a rake to peel trophies away.

It’s been reversed all the time.

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Just a reminder this is still happening.

its already been confirmed through discords between people who are battling.

Also with the tournament not registering your high score, they (Ludia) are pulling out all the the stops in order to make sure that the top alliances don’t reach higher tiers.

wouldn’t this make it a bit easier to get those championship rewards? if it isn’t registering your high score, then every time you increase in trophies it should give you alliance points. I could be very wrong tho.

No because if you go on a massive losing streak it will register your final score rather than your high. The last tournament my high was a little over 1400 however I finished around 1200.

That would be a 200 point loss in this tournament.

That only works if you actually increase in trophies :rofl:

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If there will be +30/-30 like You suggest, score will only represent how many time someone spent for tournament.

For example:
Guy A - 67% win ratio in 100 fights - (67x30)-(33x30)=34x30= 1020 trophies
Guy B - 67% win ratio in 200 fights - (124x30)-(66x30)=68x30= 2040 trophies.

So You wanna make tournament of “who will play more matches”?

Well I don’t think the solution is “do nothing and let it stay broken”.

Points are not broken, it’s very simple system, which works in many games, sports, rankings etc. If You lose with guy who is lower in rank - You lose more points. That’s how it work to block best player to get infinite points… If You lose too many points maybe fight better and get better win ratio?

So how looks Your brilliant idea? :upside_down_face: