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Ludia is slowly making this game pay to win

For months now, ludia has come up with these updates that not many people enjoyed, many of which had something in them that costed runes or actual money. The new dragon tier? It costs many runes to max out. The new rewards from the quests are nerfed so badly that it’s very hard to get enough scales to hatch eggs to level up a 5 star. The new drafts are just a way to take runes from people and there are a lot of new things you can buy for a small price (early access, double rewards etc.)
What I noticed is that ludia removed the first free reset on trust point events, and I cant possibly think what other reason they would have exept that they want players to spend more runes. And even if it was a glitch, it’s weird how ludia is so quick to fix glitches when they have a negative impact on them, but when it’s not a big deal for them (the shellfire glitches for example) they take their time. I know this sounds a little aggressive, but I’m just trying to make my point.
Lastly, the game now has popups constantly with these ridiculously overpriced deals that are almost never even worth 10% of their price. I’m not surprised if in the future, you can straight up buy the best dragons and become the best if you have a deep enough wallet.

I have to add that I think early access is reasonable seeing as it’s a choice and you can still get maximum trust points without spending money. I still think ludia is taking the fun out of this game, one update at a time.

As I say in all my messages, I still think I should be grateful that ludia makes these games, and I just hope that they do something with this. Thank you for reading.


I agree. This needs to STOP. I am one of the many that are able to afford a little boost but not what this is turning into. Ludia staff, if you are even reading this, please stop. If you continue with this you may start to lose players such as myself that just want an honest way to win the game without spending a crap-ton of money. Otherwise, I will not come back to the game for a very… long… time. This has gotten too far already and I don’t want to see another Minecraft level of pricing here (which I’m starting to find). I’m not trying to be rude, I just want you to understand that I WILL NOT tolerate a game that is pay-to-win.