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Ludia is taking advantage of dragon riders

I am a dragon rider- my husband is not. So I have the odd advantage of seeing what “offers” he is given vs me. I pay in every month so you would think ludia would support their supporters and not take advantage of them- WRONG.

My husband a non rider for big buff & premium card pack aka the “dragon friend bundle” - 4.99

Me a dragon rider for big buff & premium card pack aka the “dragon friend bundle” -49.99

This is not the first time I have seen this happen & I have contacted support previously and they misunderstood & said “have your husband become a rider for great deals, too” and then rapidly shut down my support ticket.

I’m especially mad because I want big buff so bad & 5 dollars would have been reasonable for me. I could understand the price difference if it were for different things but it is not.

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Hey there Wmarshall54, this is very strange and is not something that should be happening… Our team is looking into it now to resolve this issue.
Is this the first time you see something like this and is it only with this offer specifically? Also, what device are you playing on? Thanks for bringing this up to us!


You mean the price is supposed to be constant for all players? Because I’ve got the same package and for me it’s roughly $100. I always thought bundle prices were determined by the player’s previous purchases.

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Ya, I mean- shouldn’t it be one price for everyone? Isn’t that the fair and just thing to do? It shouldn’t be mixed pricing.

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No this is not the first time. I have contacted support about this issue previously and was brushed off or the support person didn’t understand because they told ME to join dragon riders assuming I was complaining about not having the same deals as dragon riders when it was that I am not getting the same affordable deals as non riders.

I have posted in the facebook group and other players have a range of different prices from both rider and non. I have included this in my direct message to support.

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Also just so you know- as I said - i brought this to the facebook fan group for this game and not only were prices all over the place for riders and non riders but a lot of us are upset. This doesn’t seem fair to those who pay into the game. Items should be one price and if you want to purchase it- do it. If not- ok. But non riders should NOT be getting better deals than riders. Its absurd.

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