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Ludia, it is enough now!

The tremendous amount of bugs, failures and disappointments is unbearable!

That the release of a new patch may lead to some inconsistencies is forgivable by any means. What is not are the likes of the bird scent disaster and your way of managing it. The first alliance reward mess was bad, now it’s worse considering we desperately need blue. You know, the event exclusive dinosaur for the newly released hybrid. It was said the first time was the last. Welcome to the real world. The numberous exploits of tournaments and boost sales ( many even admitted it right here on the forums) and no punishment for that is ridiculous. Tenontorex was taken of the event week back then because of keeping the game at balance. Welcome erlikospyx outta nowhere.
Have I mentioned the occasional awesome city exclusive events which are a punch in the face to the community?

Support is a mess for over a week. Why is it we don’t get proper and honest answers? The mods in here are your scapegoats. They get confronted with all the frustration and hate because of constant mess produced by developers. Those guys get exposed weekly and try to console us for things they didn’t produce. Protect and help them, respect the community which puts its money in this game and wake up!

Ludia, this has to change!!!
Mistakes may happen but this gets even worse as time goes by. We are screwed over every week by now!


I agree, but you might want to change a word in there, someone might flag you for it

Don’t know what in my post might be against the rules. No swearing or insults🤷‍♂️ Just proper writing


They won’t do nothing if you keep playing. You are just a tiny +1 for the number of DAU for those who decide whether to spend money on polishing the game.