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Ludia, it's time for Team Preview

It’s my belief that the swap meta means we should have team preview (both sides being able to see what creatures the opponent has in their lineup) before the battle commences.

In my opinion it would make the game far more competitive if you know you don’t have to be scared of a swap in, know when you can sack something to a swap in/send in your junk/titano/hydra boa, know what creature you absolutely cannot throw away early on etc.

Competitive pokemon has had this for ages and it makes it much more enjoyable if you can plan the game out more ahead of time


I’m an advocate for this idea, it would definitely help to know if your opponent has an option to swap to. But unfortunately there’s a flaw. People might see that they have a losing matchup and just quit. I wouldn’t personally, but some players unfortunately would.


I mean if they quit, I win, so while slightly annoying, guaranteed points aren’t too much of a flaw imo


Thats fair. If you just want trophies, that’s great. If you actually want to play, it’ll be harder to get a match to play out.

They’d probably just screw it up and put in another exploit like they did when they tried to install the whole “see who your opponent is” addition.

I’d like to see team preview, but in exchange automatic swap moves should let you choose who to swap to instead of just being the next dino to the right. That way you don’t need to rely on RNG for swap strategies.

More often than not if I lose an arena fight it’s because of the dinosaurs the computer has chosen for me to go into the fight with. I have no idea why we pick 8 Then the computer chooses 4 supposedly random as your team… And then 7 fights in a row have the exact same 4 dinosaurs. In theory I should get at least one of every type because I have selected 2 fast hitters, 2 tanks, 2 heavy hitters, 1 swap in, and 1 well rounded status. Why not choose the 4 we want to use and let us fight with our own styles…?

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Yeah, that’s another thing that is quite dated with the amount of creatures this game has now. And to take another idea from competitive pokemon, in VGC you can see the entire enemy’s team of 6 and each side picks 4,based off partly what they think will give them the best chance against the opposing team. That way we wouldn’t be encouraged to pick the same 4 every time, as it would be dependent on what we can see on the other sides team preview


Honestly, if they let you choose 4, I would like for there to be a “cooldown” of sorts, like a creature can be used x amount of times in the same team. I mean nothing like JWTG timers, but maybe around 15 minutes per fight?

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