Ludia, it's time to admit defeat

Boosts are a nightmare. Ludia, PLEASE remove them and give up on them.


I actually dont mind them,
But i agree they messed it up.

Time for them to go.

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Wait for it. They haven’t got all the money they want. So first they will sell something else to get more and more dollars and then they will admit that they failed this game.


This compnay cant do anything right. Like seriously look at all the issues in this game. And what has been fixed. Missions, dino in strike tower and unlimited coins are the only thing they have solved.

They create the game but cant fix their own creation.

It would be like a car dealership selling you a car, you take it back for repairs and they tell you sorry we just sell the car, have no idea on how to fix it…


This explains a lot:

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I posted that in boosts thread already

Actually had a jaguar dealership tell me that exact thing about 2 years ago. Blew my mind. Said I had to take it to a different dealership

Not they didn’t know how to fix it actually, but that they couldn’t fix it. They didn’t have the proper tools


Has there ever been a time when the brilliant technicians at Ludia had the game working at %100 ?

Based on the issues resolved, issues unresolved, and the Glassdoor reviews, I’d say the current “issues” were planned.

I think the first week it was working properly. When there were no features at all lol

No kidding, right?


this exactly. just throw whatever garbage together you can combining clash royale, pokemon go and dinosaurs and make sure it’s ready before fallen kingdom. then we’ll just limp along until people stop giving us money.


I’m sooo tempted to run back to PoGo and Niantic. Especially after watching Detective Pikachu… great movie.

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