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Ludia just almost broke my heart now... :(

I just battled a little more tofay just around 8 minutes before the new map events…i just won 2 battles so i had by the 3 battle the chance to end the tourament of this month for the first time as 1st. But because of Ludia ( not even suprised) i had too hard opponent. Just as i did know already… but still wished my i get the feeling that it might be indeed was wrong… but of course not… dammm Ludia you had one job… it makes mee soooo sad. Why can’t Ludia just don’t let me end as first in the battle list of the allancie for the first time… :frowning:

That is just litterly the reason i starting to hate the touraments and don’t play much. Every time Wishing to end as 1st in the last touraments but never get soo far. At least always as 2st… dammmm… :frowning: ( cries a little inside)

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Anyone else who has rhis everytime or have the same feeling about it? I guess yes…