Ludia, just let me battle without glitches!

I really wish that you all at Ludia were adult enough to hear what a lot of us would really like to say about how glitchy the matches have been without us getting kicked off your site.

Enough! I have been battling a lot of battles since I started and I am at level 19. These last few weeks every third or fourth match has had major glitches in it. One of us gets locked out during s match and the other wins just because of that. Neither side can just restart no matter how many tries to try and recover because no move set is located as an option. My creatures get randomized movesets with It glitching for a few seconds and then for instance Indoraptor gets swoop but no dodging move?! For real! Indoraptor doesn’t even have swoop for crying out loud!!!

After waiting for a pvp match, I either select AI and get a pvp match that has already started, or I get placed in a pvp match by the game while it is still asking “AI Match”? When I chose AI, it sends me back to a PVP queue with countdown?!

Enough has been said about matchmaking. That is bad enough, but what I want at a minimum is just clean matches!!!

Please get it together because we love your concept, your graphics, how you try to vary it up, and so much that you do, but it really is about battling isn’t it? Please focus on that and less on sanctuaries and such if you have to pick and choose where to spend your resources.

Really, thanks and please, fix the game we all love and you all have put so much time and effort into.


I don’t have this issue, but another one. When a battle had started, both sides sent a dino out, normal fight, but suddenly the whole screen turned purple, and after a second, it said “time out”. I had no trophy loss but had to wait for another battle. Unfortunately there were many time out while waiting for opponenets which wasted me much time on waiting.

I had both very frequently these several days. Purple screen then timeout or freeze during battling. Had lost a lot because of this.

It really is sad that over a year after launch this game still runs worse then most closed betas Ive taken part in.